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Liner Adjustment

Article about: Are they original? Or repo? If their reproduction ones they will not ruin them

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    Default Liner Adjustment

    HELP! I have an NS size 62 shell with a size 54 repro liner that doesn't fit quite right is there any way to fix it?

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    Well it is the right size liner for that size helmet, is it a poor repo liner? Any pictures of it?

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    sorry no pics a.t.m. but it seems like a good liner. It is made by hessen antique

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    I'd like to see it, it's not a adjustable one used by the bundeswehr is it?

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    no its the wartime style m31

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    it just doesn't sit good and is a little tight

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    Well it could be multiple things IMO could be that the liner is just from a bad batch and not made right or it could be the split pins or the shell itself. I don't think you can adjust the liners, they make a certain liner size for a certain size shell

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    the sad thing is i haven't installed the liner yet so i might have just gotten the wrong size... still its a nice liner a size 55 might be better

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    Install it first and see, put the split pins in and you'll get your true results. A size 62 shell takes a size 54 or 55 liner so either one will fit

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    will it damage the split pins if i install then remove them

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