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liner advice

Article about: Can anyone please give some information on this liner? the chin strap is unusual to any other one that i have seen

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    I'm sending you a PM with details As I don't want to hijack the topic.


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    [QUOTE=KradSpam;519889]Good ID. I knew I'd seen that strap somewhere before. A lot of Germans preferred them.

    Thanks for that find Nitram, it was mentioned to me before that it could be a Czech liner, but had never seen another one, until you posted that photo, so cheers again.
    just to Quote KradSpam re Germans scavaging these for their own helmets, it is news to me, but i must admit it is a more comfortable to wear liner, than the German issued ones, this info also makes the possibility that the two stamps could be legitimate, and were added to the scavaged liner by the totenkopf unit

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    The marking looks like Al Jolson to me.........

    File:Jolson black.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    liner advicereally???? i would have said it resembles your avatar
    look closer but do not follow Doug's advice, and do it before you stare at the sun for 5 mins

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    That's reaching to find its a period TK stamp Imo. I could be incorrect but the TK units stopped their own procurement hence stamping in 1940.

    Looking at it more it could be Fonzie from Happy Days. :-D

    Actually it looks more like the Terminator about halfway through the first movie.

    But I can see the skull resemblance to a skull and I haven't looked at the sun yet. But don't think it's a period stamp.

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    Good old happy days a great series it was had the pleaure of working with Ron Howard during his direction of backdraft, he was the red guy richie i think his stage name was in it, thats him in the blue jacket heeeeeee, sure look it makes no real difference to me if the stamp was put on by my Polish dealers friend, or some German guy during the war, i don't pay over odds on anything, and as you say it's all part of divine collecting, but my guess is, that the stamp was war time issued onto the liner not long after it was scavaged, as a mark of the liners liberation from Czech to German, who knows.
    Does anyone have a photo on any item with a TK period stamp?
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    What are you basing your guess it's a period stamp on? I've collected well over a hundred SS helmets and documented over 500, seen well over that and never seen this stamp or this liner in a German combat helmet. German liners were plentiful and abundant during wartime. There was no need to stamp Tk's onto liners nevermind Czeck ones. Yes I've seen TK stampings and presses, never like this. Consider the motivation of someone wanting a collector to believe its real and jack the value of a worthless Czeck liner with an SS Totenkopf stamp...

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    LOL. That will be the next dealer for sale items. I saw one dealer advertise old underwear with a stain that looked like Himmler. It was quite fitting because the rest of his inventory was also crappy.
    I see what you did there.

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    When I said ''Germans preferred them", I meant the chinstrap not the liner. It might have happened but I've not seen this type of liner in a German lid.

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