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Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

Article about: I've got one foot in the good camo camp too mate, good luck and I hope you can get pics yourself. Muggles can't take pictures of helmets... DAK, Italy, Southern Russia are the most likely I

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    There are a lot of stories to go with the guy that runs that site. I would never shop there myself. I think you had trouble linking because he doesn't like his stuff being discussed.

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    The camo helmet one posted looks very good with natural wear and rust bleed. Without better photos its hard to make a determination if the liner was replaced. Given its an M 35 with early brass split pin heads which didnt hold paint well it may be original to the helmet. In hand would be the best way so as to examine the pins, the maker /date of the pins and if they are rebent. However on the paint this is what an aged well worn helmet should look like.

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    Andy: I knew I had heard negative things about his helmets, and that there had been potential fall out on other forums. I just wasn't positive what the outcome had been. Ever since I heard the negative comments about his helmets some time ago, I too have avoided his site. Never bought from him anyway, thankfully!

    Doug: thanks for weighing in I was leaning more towards liking the shell, but I wasn't liking everything as a whole with just the pictures the seller provided, which is why I asked for additional but have not received any yet. Red flag? Maybe. It's the weekend so it could be legit reasons I have not heard back. I was also curious about the brass pins and their ability to hold additional paint over time. Unless the seller answers back we may never know for sure. I hope he does so we can discuss further and learn more.

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    Speak of the devil, just heard back from the seller. He says he has listed it on behalf of his father (typical story) and the helmet is in his fathers possession. He gave me the number to call his father, unfortunately I dont have time to do so right now as a dinner event calls. Ill try to call tomorrow and see what I can do.

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    Never miss a free lunch!! As for the lid i will only say again that i like the over all look and think it stands a great chance(see my earlier post).That said i don't know the seller and cannot comment on his "genuine" sales pitch. I suppose it is just the age old make sure you can get your cash back if your not happy, but i would take this one at the right price!! Good hunting my friend, Leon.

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