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Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

Article about: I've got one foot in the good camo camp too mate, good luck and I hope you can get pics yourself. Muggles can't take pictures of helmets... DAK, Italy, Southern Russia are the most likely I

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    Default Local M35 "Desert Camo" Helmet

    While we are on the subject of "exhaustive" camo helmets, I found this one locally. I HAVE NOT bought it, so don't anyone be concerned about my finances as I have not spent a dime . I simply want to throw this one up for discussion. These are all of the pics I have for now. I am soliciting further pics but none have arrived yet. I do not know lot or maker yet. It is described as an "Afrika Korp" helmet. Any comments or thoughts are appreciated, and I will post more pics when they arrive, if they are warranted. Thanks!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet   Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet  

    Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet   Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet  

    Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet   Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet  

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    Hard to tell With those pictures.
    But I would pass.Just mu opinion
    Too many Flags for me rivets ,liner ,paints.

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    I like what I see so far, to be honest.

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    I don't often comment on helmets, but like Mo, I also like it. Dave Shirlin has one very similar for sale at the moment. Is it for sure DAK or could it be from the Italian campaign though, I'd like to know that?

    Another thing. It appears to have had at least one hole (mebbe two?) punched in the rear side(s), this would probably be from it being hung up on a wall somewhere at some point wouldn't it? I like that little wrinkle too!
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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    Not an expert on helmets, but what i've seen in the past 3 years i like it!

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    Hello Helmstone,to me this looks as though it stands a good chance of being original cammo(Afrika korps,who can tell?).The wear appears to be consistant and not "sanded down".The liner looks good for an M35,darked by heavy sweating(tropical?)and nice square chinstrap bales,and it also looks like they are early brass pins.I think i can just make out the faintest remains of the line of the national decal there to,possibly the faintest remains of a luftwaffe decal as well?so Overall i personally think it is a nice helmet.

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    Initially, I had my usual reservations when it comes to camo helmets. I think the shell stands a good chance. I doubt a faker would go to the trouble of painting a helmet just to sand off a majority of the paint and make very few simulated damage marks. The liner, however, I'm not sure it hasn't been replaced. I think that would be best to determine in hand. I think it's a good liner, just not sure it has always been in this helmet. This is one I would really like to get in hand and take my own photos, because trying to explain to non-helmet collectors exactly what types of pics we need can be frustrating. I haven't heard back from the seller yet so I'm not even certain he still has the helmet.

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    helmetone i really like the look of this one ,one thing that looks apparent is the superb condition of the liner band and split pins

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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    I like the general look of it. I think it may stand a chance.


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    Default Re: Local M35 "Desrt Camo" Helmet

    If the price is right I think she might be worth a gamble.

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