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Looking for a helmet!

Article about: Hello. Annoyed from this ads?   The only German helmet I have is a relic and now has come the time to purchase a better one. Where would one living in Europe find best and reliable helm

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    Default Looking for a helmet!


    The only German helmet I have is a relic and now has come the time to purchase a better one. Where would one living in Europe find best and reliable helmets from? Im mostly looking for a WH SD helmet, complete one. Budget is around 300-600.


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    You want find a SD for 300-600 in ok condition, just to let you know. It's gonna cost around 600-900 for a nice one with a liner. I would recommend for good prices german helmets or svmilitaria for SD's.

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    I forgot to mention that ND suits me just fine! Thanks Will, I'll check that site out.

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    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    Cheers! One helmet I've considered is this. 330. What do you think of the price? I think it's okay.
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    If you want just one helmet (which never happens) and you want it to a be single decal Heer, than do it right and buy one with a complete decal. Go big or go home.

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    The thing is that I don't want to pay alot and I just want a helmet with been there-look, and half scratched off decal is just fine for me. Of course if I could get a good decal for the same price it would be even better but this suits me fine. I want an iconic piece of European war history, not the most collectable piece.

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    Helmetone one is correct in saying to buy a slightly better piece. Trust me when I say you will want to upgrade the helmet almost immediately. Save a bit more, and buy a complete helmet with a good chinstrap, and liner.

    The helmet you posted is almost a ND. Not worth buying in my opinion.

    Check out the ruptured duck website as well.

    Whatever you choose, I wish you the best. You will want another helmet, and another and another.

    So do it right the first time.

    Best wishes.

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    Why dont you look on Giorgios site? Italianwarfront. You will probably get free shipping and paypal fees will be 20$. Ive bought my first from him, took 10 days from USA to Croatia. You will probably pay the customs fees, i paid around 6-7e. He writes that the value is 50$ or less and you dont need to bring a bill since he sends with the CP71 form.

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    Thanks for all the advices! I'll reconsider what kind of helmet I'll be looking for.

    DTV, I will check that, thank you.

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