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Lovely camo on ebay uk

Article about: yes Danny you are right but most of it is how we hear it and a lot of the time miss understand what is being said we are all human ,and none a perfect and i say thank god for that cheers ian

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    Quote by crazy horse View Post
    I did notice that rivet was out of place, and there should be a bullet hole in the liner, but I'm a newb here too, just trying to learn & have learned a bit since finding this place also.

    Well spotted.

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    Circuit advertisement Lovely camo on ebay uk
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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Im with Paul on this one; the thread does not need to be derailed any further. Constructive comments are needed, not harsh language.

    As for you being stupid. I will let your comment speak for itself and let others be the judge of that. You mention inexperienced. I am certainly inexperienced regarding fake helmets and learned something today.

    Hmmm, what is this with issuing a "challenge" to a fellow forummember!

    Doug wrote what was for me an at least en eye opener (I realize you might be an expert on lids, which Im not):

    "This helmet shows clear signs of post war paint and no signs of being period painted. What we have here is a relic battle damaged shell worth not much more than the price of postage that has been cleaned and repainted, then aged and paint scored to look like real wear and tear.

    The paint shows very clear signs of false scoring, directionally with a hand held instrument that is creating paint scratches on the surface paint only of a consistent length and width. Damage like this requires a trained eye to know what to look for using real and reproduction examples hands on.

    With painted helmets you must look past the pretty designs and neat colors and focus on the not so obvious, and that requires the discipline to accept that it is not real until you can prove to yourself otherwise.

    Im not in the market for ebay helmetss, as I prefer to find them myself with my detector, but this I still find very useful information.

    Now, I realize that English might not be your native language (it is not mine either), but issuing a "challenge" to other friendly forummembers is actually pretty harsh language as is you post.

    I take it in my stride and do not get upset, since people started lobbing grenades at me and shooting rounds in my general direction, this kind of stuff is really kind of petty and it takes a lot to get me started these days.

    You are a noob as am I compared to some of the guys here. What you have to realize and what I assume by now, is that on this forum, there is a fine line between spreading useful information and divulging tricks and tips to the abominable fakers out there, who no doubt is listening in. You can see it in some threads, where collectors will not show the back of rare medal and badges in order to stave off the fakers for a little while longer.

    Maybe this is a factor, as the experts no longer divulge their ways of shedding light on fakes as a mere knee jerk reflex?

    I count myself lucky to have found this forum with this wealth of knowledge. I am in awe of some of the guys here, their knowledge and their collections and appreciate the fact, that they want to share it with us. Let us keep it that way, please.
    Thanks for the support Jesper and well done to everyone for getting the analytical examination of this lid going again
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