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Luft Decal

Article about: Does this decal have a chance? Craig,

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    Default Luft Decal

    Does this decal have a chance?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luft Decal   Luft Decal  

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    Default Re: Luft Decal

    I'm not fond of it. Maybe it's these old eyes, but the lines
    in the wings appear 'wavy'. Wait to hear what others
    have to say.........


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    I must admit I dont like the look of it, theres no real shading compared to originals, theres something screwy about the talon at the birds chest, i 'm inclined to believe its a repro but wait and see if theres other comments, there were several companies who made these and some had very slight variations but from what ive seen they all have that shading that defines the wings and feathers, but it may be one of those variations

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    What is the shell maker and lot number?

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    Default Re: Luft Decal

    The seller says he can't see any numbers or make marks, painted over, i normally wouldn't even take a chance with this one but it's so cheap, but i think i'll pass anyway.


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    Might it be good as a 'No Decal' for the price........?


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    I believe it to be a repro decal. The beak isn't correct, not are the claws. It's not any variant I have ever seen.

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    Defiantly a reproduction decal. The lines in the feathers are wrong, head shape is wrong and the claws are wrong. Overall I don't like the shape either. The helmet itself looks ok but without seeing the whole thing I will hold back my judgement.


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    Also just an afterthought has the swastika been re touched with paint ?

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    Default Re: Luft Decal

    Yes a fake.

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