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Luft helmet M40 ear cut. Fake?

Article about: It looks interesting and original. It would be great to see better pics if you buy it. Jerry

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    Default Re: Luft helmet M40 ear cut. Fake?

    As previously stated by Jim these helmets have been discussed on this forum before and i'm sure contempory photos were posted , certainly i have seen original photos of Air crew wearing these helmets on here or another forum.


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    I would be grateful if you show me photos of the pilots in these helmets

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    Mate give me a coupla days to get the book off my mate

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    well, I'll wait, thanks

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    OH MY GOD!!! these helmets are rarer than platinum hens teeth, i put alot of research into these helmet,s They were issued to german aircrews as flak helmets. The reason for the cut out is to accomodate the earphones and leather flight helmet. The cut out and double arivents are factory applied. It is nearlly impossible to fake these helmets and the ones that are look terrible. This one has the right look, i had the chance to purchase one of these in worse relic condition last year but the price was way out of my range. Also these tend to be brightly colored, the reason is unknown but some say it was done on a squadron basis or to be easily spotted if they bailed. The reason not alot of these survuved was because they were left on the aircraft and usually were destroyed or went down with them

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    So the helmet is already delivered me.
    I have made detailed photos.

    Форум сайта - Альбом laser: Earcut lufthelmet

    All time while I expected delivery, I thought of restoration of this helmet, but unfortunately I not the professional restorer and am afraid to spoil such a rare thing.
    I have solved that I will sell this helmet.
    If there are interested persons, write to me

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    Im just wondering how often these helmets were used or even issued to aircrews, the amount of aircraft that were shot down or crash landed here in England have, as far as im aware never produced these helmets in any quantity nor have they been found amongst peoples relics from the war. I would assume that these were an item that could be taken on raids if the individual wished to but were rarely used, which would account for their rarity, as for bailing out with them i would say that they would have been torn from the individuals head in the slipstream as it appears that there was only a single chinstrap

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    Default Re: Luft helmet M40 ear cut. Fake?

    It would be a difficult helmet to restore, but like you said, leave it as is, thats what I would certainly do!!!!

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    It makes sense if it came from the Nederlands, as 1000's of German helmets were buried in some big pits and at least one of these was excavated and some are visited by locals (on Dutch army land). Google the Big hole.

    Also, there were lots of Luftwaffe units stationed in the Nederlands during the war.


    PS, leave it as it is and sell it to someone who wants it.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Luft helmet M40 ear cut. Fake?

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