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    8 57.14%
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    4 28.57%
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    3 21.43%
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Luftschutz Decal Quiz

Article about: Corey did you forget about us mate?

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    Default Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Instructions:I have received a bunch of PM's from people asking me to make a Luftschutz decal quiz. I finally got around to making it today. Fake Luftschutz decals are not too difficult to spot, so I have decided to make this quiz a little bit tougher compared to the previous quizzes by adding more options to choose from. Below you will find 7 pictures of Luftschutz decals. Some of them are authentic, others are not. Your job is to try to spot all the fakes. You can select multiple answers. Don't over-think on these, but take your time with each individual decal. Good Luck

    NOTE: I will give the correct answer 24 hours from now, so you have the whole day and night to decide.

    Which Decals are Fake? YOU CAN SELECT MULTIPLE ANSWERS!!!

    Decal 1
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Decal 2
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Decal 3
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Decal 4
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Decal 5
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Decal 6
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Decal 7
    Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Make sure you check all of your answers in the poll.

    Try to resist the temptation of reading the comments until after you have selected your answers.


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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    I just realized this quiz may take a while for some of you I'll give 2 days to complete it


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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    1 day and 12 hours remaining

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    16 hours remaining...

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    I think this is the toughest quiz yet.........!


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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Agreed. I have no knowledge when it comes to helmets but it seems the Z are a tell, tale sign??? Or is this just me over thinking it?

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Most fake Luftschutz decals are laughably terrible, but the few good fakes, which are really rare to find, have tricked me on multiple occasions. There are many different fakes, some are very very accurate with lettering, wear, etc, others not so much. I am not even in the same galaxy when it comes to spotting fake LS decals compared to other collectors. What makes this quiz hard for me is that there is no descent reference anywhere. Most voters will be very surprised when I post the answers.


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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    The poll closes in 5 hours.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    Missed it because of no power

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Decal Quiz

    yes have i missed somthing on this quiz

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