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Luftschutz Helmet

Article about: Hello i own this Luftschutz Helmet once again i would like your opinion on this one I think the Helmet is ok but i think the decal is fake! The helmet marks RL 239/10 Sorry now i have only t

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    Default Luftschutz Helmet

    Hello i own this Luftschutz Helmet once again i would like your opinion on this one

    I think the Helmet is ok but i think the decal is fake!
    The helmet marks RL 239/10
    Sorry now i have only this photos iam at work but later i can post the inside
    liner, markings etc

    What can you tell about this
    Thanks again for all your opinion
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftschutz Helmet   Luftschutz Helmet  

    Luftschutz Helmet  

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    the decal does look rather clean compared to the rest of the helmet but better close up photos of it will confirm good or bad

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    The helmet is a good one, I have had these in my collection over the years. But the decal is fake, if you look at the condition of the helmet paint you will see that the decal does not belong to it,
    it is an addition also the the decal on a helmet of this age would not look as good as that one does. It is to clean, to complete
    and has no damage to it as it would be if original.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    Yep i had a strong suspicious on that matter about the decal and then i started to wonder if the helmet was a fake too.....

    But i am at work now and i dont have more photos with me, but later iam gonna put the inside part of the helmet and ask for your help to see if the liner and so on is good.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    Boas, sem duvida, o emblema foi colocado muito posteriormente, não está envelhecido de acordo com a pintura do capacete.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    I have two of them ,and because of the age patina on your shell the decal dosnt seemed to have aged the same .it may have have a very genuine worn decal underneath the clean one though.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    A much better close up photo of the decal is needed. It might be OK.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    Ok mates, i will post a bigger photo of the decal and closer so you can help thanks alot, it is my first and only helmet till now.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    From what I can see, the decal is the same fake that we discussed on this forum about 6 months ago. Look at the lettering, it is thinner than the lettering on real decals, especially the "U"s, and the detail on the top portion of the wings on each side is not as it should be- faded and poor detail compared to the rest of the decal. The details of the acorns and leaves near the swastica also are not the same as on original decals, the lines are straighter and less artistic than on an original. The application of the decal looks good, but on closer inspection it probably will be apparent that it was applied after the original paint job had aged over the past 60+ years, with some of the depressions from the pits and minor rust spots showing through the crisp clean decal. Finally, I suspect that in hand, the decal seems a bit "shiny" and almost plastic. Look at a few of the dealer sites, pull up close ups of the decals on the L/S pieces and compare them to yours to see if they are the same. The shell, on the other hand, is a "one look" original 3-piece L/S, and the liner rivets look good. If you post close ups of the decal, please add some of the liner as well. Jim G.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet

    Thank you very much Jim
    I will post the close up on the decal and the liner, inside marks of helmet, this weekend because iam at work.
    Again thanks for your help

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