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Luftschutz Helmet ?

Article about: Welcome aboard friend.

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    Default Luftschutz Helmet ?

    Is it a good'un ? this is painted black and has a couple of dents in the shell. Above the decal inside the helmet is a stamping which reads...........RL2-38/28

    I have this 'on approval' so I can take other pictures if anyone thinks its worthwhile........seller is asking 130

    genuine or always your opinions appreciated.......

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftschutz Helmet ?   Luftschutz Helmet ?  

    Luftschutz Helmet ?   Luftschutz Helmet ?  

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    Circuit advertisement Luftschutz Helmet ?
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    Default re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    An original multi-piece "Gladiator" Luftschutz helmet...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Default re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    I agree, it is a good one and the price is reasonable.

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    Default re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    Seems legit, not a terrible price, lids is in OK condition

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    Default re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    No problem with this helmet Shell or decal.
    It is a good one.

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    Default re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    Chris is allways here when there is a LS helmet!!!

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    Default re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    Quote by lebus12 View Post
    Chris is allways here when there is a LS helmet!!!
    I try.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    Thanks Gentlemen...............I liked the look of this one, and had a good gut feeling about it, I was 99% decided on buying, its just a new guys caution that stopped me parting with the cash..................I have learnt quite a bit pretty quickly about certain items I would not usually have risked buying.........I think that is down to the knowledge and advise that is forthcoming on this site...........Thank You.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    I like it, looks just like mine, dents and all. Price is fair, I paid a bit less for mine but anything under 200 is good.

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    Default Re: Luftschutz Helmet ?

    Whilst I'm full of praise and in a good mood I've just signed up as a WRF member...........

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