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luftwaffe helmet

Article about: Hey, Just been offered this helmet. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If someone could let me know of a good price, too, that would be great Regards, Finn

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    You better get closer looks at the entire helmet, in particular the rivet heads and the split pins underneath the liner band, get the linerband date as well. From the far away picture you have I would not be surprised the liner has been swapped out of this one.

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    Thanks, I will do that.
    But does the shell and decal at least look original?

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    From the faraway pics yes they do. Ask the seller for a good clear head on of the adler with no flash glare to be sure, linerband date, maker, lot number, size while you are at it.

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    Ok will do. thanks.

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    Good luck!

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    Quote by militarymania View Post
    i think 350 to 400 is fair for this helmet,,,
    Agree, no more than $400, if you can get it for less.............. !


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    Yes, definately I'm not going to pay much more than that.

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    Good luck! Like Doug mentioned - many more pics are needed if you want to be sure that you are investing your hard earned money on a good lid! I would want front, back, left and right side pics with as much info as possible.
    Hope it works out for you. My first take is that it's good - but you can't be too careful!
    Good luck!


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    Hey Rob,

    Yes, absolutely. I'm just waiting for the guy to send me more pics. I'll post those up once he sends them. Thanks


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    I could doubt this from these pics, so I would want to see much better pics showing the stuff mentioned previously by Doug etc...especialy the decal, the way the head is missing seems a bit odd, IMO.
    I hope it is good and you get it for a good price, but I would not hand over money on the strength of these pics, unless you get a return period for a full refund.


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