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Luftwaffe helmet

Article about: So how much should I offer on it? That is the big question here.

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    Default Luftwaffe helmet

    I have an opportunity to buy this helmet.
    Have not personally inspected it yet.
    Can you tell me how much it would be worth?
    Also whether there are any issues with it?
    Does it look authentic?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftwaffe helmet   Luftwaffe helmet  

    Luftwaffe helmet   Luftwaffe helmet  

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    Need better pictures of the decal. The decal "looks" to be ok and the color of the helmet looks right. What is the seller asking for the helmet? Marty
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    looks ok from the pics.

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    I know you need better pics but this is all I have.
    So assume it is an authentic decal, does the liner look ok?
    Also what is it worth USD?

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    Condition is not that great, and Luftys do not seem to
    bring as much as Heer, so don't go nuts.

    I would say $500 as a guess, but as mentioned
    - and a better place to start - How much is
    the seller asking.........?


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    He wants $600.
    I was going to offer $400.
    I wanted to see if I was in the ball park by getting your opinions.

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    Very hard to discern from those bad pix...get better ones for sure. Make sure you get a sufficient inspection period and a return policy from the vendor --if you buy it.

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    Craigs List (CL) doesnt really work that way.
    It is essentially a buyer/seller board on the internet.
    The seller will email you and you meet him somewhere to buy it.
    I will have an opportunity to look at it in person obviously.
    I thought it looked OK but I wanted some opinions.
    Sometimes you take a chance with CL.

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    I've gotten probably 60% of my items from craigslist. If you have the opportunity to meet with the seller then go for it! You have nothing to lose so long as you know what you are looking at.

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    Craigslist is a bottomfeeder pile of crap! Do not buy this lid without better pix!....I think it ***** from the pix shown, you're going to get screwed!

    PS....there are issues with this helmet, not one shot of those posted is any good...a huge warning sign!

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