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Luftwaffe Helmet Opinions

Article about: I am interested in buying this helmet and would appreciate any opinions to its authenticity. The decal has a smudge of paint on it. It is advertised as a M35 (looks more like M40?) Thanks.

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    Quote by John Brandon View Post
    opinions are like Ars***les.........................everyone has one!

    However when a good helmet does come up, there is plenty to say about it, trouble is everyone wants to show off their limited knowledge and they end up slamming a good one, coz they don't know a good one from a bad one.
    Just my tuppence worth.
    i agree with John and Jim here, I dont purport to be anywhere as knowlegable as the experts on here , and i mean experts, it has taken them years to gain the experience and knowledge of this subject and i think it would be unreasonable to expect them to impart all their knowledge in this way, therefore there will be times that replies are short, sometimes blunt, sometimes they will appear condescending, but i think that is just down to the fact that to try and explain how, why, and what should or shouldnt be, would take up a great deal of time and space, also remember that the knowledge imparted can be used by the unscrupulous to their advantage, it would be a sad day that information given out helps the fakers out there to better their trade, we as collectors and i include myself should buy the books, handle as many real items as possible and gain some knowledge, if there is one subject that will continue to be learnt about , its the collection of Third Reich militaria, im not saying dont ask questions, thats what this forum is for but dont expect someone to tell you everything, we as collectors have a responsibility to learn about the subject ourselves and it is a saving grace that there are valued and well respected opinions given on this forum

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    Well said Davejb. I appreciate the time and research the experts have devoted to this hobby. With all the fakes, it continues to be challenging and do not want the fakers helped by revealing any subtle clues to distinguish authenticity. I enjoy reading the discussions about helmet authenticity and am learning much. Not really knowing who in this forum are considered experts (I guess that is relative), I just go by the consensus......i.e. if 9 out 10 members thinks a helmet is a dud chances are greater that it is truly is a dud and at this point I am not willing to take a gamble in buying it.

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