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Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal

Article about: I'm not sure it's the steal some think. I didn't give too much more than that for this DD named M35 SE64

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    Default Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal

    I just came across this helmet and am wondering what you gentlemen think of it? Asking price is $750. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thank You,


    Luftwaffe M35 Double DecalLuftwaffe M35 Double DecalLuftwaffe M35 Double DecalLuftwaffe M35 Double DecalLuftwaffe M35 Double DecalLuftwaffe M35 Double DecalLuftwaffe M35 Double Decal.

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    Hi , for me it looks like it may be repainted , then had fake decals added and a replaced / messed with liner. Oh and it may be an M40(tough to see the separate "air vents" if it's an M35) IF the steel is even original , it's also in the SS helmet forum and this is Luftwaffe! Leon.
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    I am not so sure Leon. It looks like a good round bottom tricolor and the expected thick bordered Adler on an M35 shell with a correct reinforced aluminum banded liner. I think it is good. Jim G.

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    I Agree with Leon, its is a messed with lid.

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    Thread moved to the correct forum.

    I think it is good.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    This is like a tennis match ....... good, bad, good, bad, good ......

    Me, well I hope it IS good - but those "perfect replica" decals from France are downright scary so I'm withholding judgement, fence sitter that I am.

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    Came from the same seller as mine but I didn't like or want it and the double decal M42 police was also deemed suspect so passed on that as well...
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    Well, liner is good!!!.
    My opinion, this helmet has too many details to concern.
    Shell, paint, decals, sorry but i dont like it.....

    Even if its a good one, it will always be an opinion divider.
    You can have it in your shelf but you will always be unsure of it.

    That is my opinion.


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    That liner band sure looks like it has been bent in a few times which always worries me as being a sign of being messed with. Could have been someone just looking for a makers mark but still...

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    You bought a helmet form this individual? How long ago?

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