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Article about: hello community, this day i could get this nice lw-fielddivision m42 helmet paintet in wh color over the lw blue! you see the trace of the camo belt or wire,primordial fixed on the shell! th

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    hello community,
    this day i could get this nice lw-fielddivision m42 helmet paintet in wh color over the lw blue! you see the trace of the camo belt or wire,primordial fixed on the shell! the helmet is not in the best condition,because stay too long in bad enviroment.
    however its a origin war relic ! watch the entry of a bullet on the top !!
    please tell me your opinions!
    regards werner


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    sorry for the bad quality of the pictures,iam trying !

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    I'm wondering if that isn't a bullet-hole at all but a demilitarization...I can also see the rust-ring from being stacked with other shells over a long period of time...I suspect that would explain the odd look of the LW-Decal...Price is an important factor as well of course...
    cheers, Glenn

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    The hole on top is not a bullet hole. Looks like it was drilled. It appears to be an original M42 SD Luftwaffe helmet. It would be helpful if you could locate the manufacturer code and serial number. They appear in the rear inside of the shell and near the chin strap connection on the left side. NH

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    To me it looks like a spike was driven into the helmet at some point. Don't think it was drilled as you can see the excess metal bent in on the inside.

    So I would go with what Glenn said. A de-milled piece....or maybe (and I'm just speculating here) someone nailed this to a pole or grave marker at some point. That said it is possible someone took a shot at it at one point with a rifle. The size of the hole looks consistant with a 30 caliber bullet.

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    The helmet was probably a grave marker, which would explain the rust as well.

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    Hi, as the chaps have said, possibly a grave marker. Leon.
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    Grave marker. It makes you wonder when & why it was removed.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    the hole is definitely from a 303 cal. projectile! have someone try to make a hole with hands or hammer in a german steel helmet?
    if i take a look near the hole inside,you can see the high velocity penetration marks around the hole,same like shoot trough steel with a ap round.
    this is no grave helmet,that is sure.

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    If the helmet was worn when penetrated, the liner wouldn't look the way it does...That would mean it's a replacement...German helmets from both World Wars were often demilitarized by punching a hole through the steel...Just my 2 cents, friend...
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