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LW Afrika CAMO M40 Helmet "Regt. General Goring" marked?? Real deal?

Article about: Ok.. I don't want to become an expert on finding "good" fakes only. I usually have dubious finds and here is another one which has also a too good stamp inside which I never saw. I

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    Post One asks about the helmet but gets also further opinions and dislikes?

    So here I am a boring rookie with no experience who is wasting the precious time from the experts and serious collectors.
    How many times I must ask excuse for my lack of knowledge on the items and how much is it so important here?
    The time factor when looking at 3 photos that I uploaded and realizing almost instantly what it is
    and giving a short answer here is it that precious?
    Btw there was no need to upload decal close up photos since those pics were already enough to evaluate it almost instantly.

    Once more, sorry folks but there won't be much to learn from me. I will be the one usually asking for help
    which means that I need short answer and sometimes fast (It doesn't mean Mc Donalds service but if you see it so "Whatever its just an opinion")
    Simple answer with no further discussions since those do take away the time and I understand why many users have ten thousand posts.
    Could this be that simple? Simple doesn't mean less important, not serious, disrespectful ecc..
    Or I must become an expert with only originals and contribute with further important items, historical knowledge and other know how..
    I saw in various posts that people get offended here and won't post any more and really take it too much personally.
    Words have weight and when I get sort of dislikes I get dissed a bit otherwise I wouldn't be writing all this.
    So please.. let's keep it more professional and stick to the items mostly. Yes a non professional is asking professionals to be more professional (in writing).
    Seems like a contradiction..rookie teaching the masters.. well ban me from this website for saying so..

    So please if you're not satisfied with low quality items of which I ask opinion don't bother to answer. I once uploaded Falschirmjager boots
    and asked opinion about it but no one replied. I guess that no answer meant NO in that case. Perfect. I almost prefer it like that.
    There should be an option on the website to just put a "dislike" button and that's it.

    I won't be taking away a lot of your time or space among so many posts here if you see it that way.
    (I can't find enough bad fakes around otherwise I would.. )
    Please.. I don't want to feel like if I stepped in sort of mine field each time when I post something here.
    Is this collecting study so serious and important to the level of some elitism and for chosen ones?

    I am always thankful for opinions from those in the know. Sorry but I can't afford to pay for it. It's your free will to answer or not.
    I will from now on ask excuse each time when I post something since it seems that I damage the reputation of the website.
    Sorry I can't promise to become a far more experienced collector, time factor..

    Please.. I know this community has some invisible rules and way of dealing which I am not quite familiar with but please
    useless to get into further discussions and dislikes comments ecc. No need to search something I didn't meant between the lines
    or see some sort of disrespect from my side. I am not a professor on any subject here and won't contribute that much.
    But I ain't the disrespectful bad student which needs to be reminded about where my place is. Rookie who stepped into wrong higher classes club?

    Guys I am VERY THANKFUL to all of you for the help and mostly to those who keep it simple by sticking to the discussion on the items which are posted
    without further often off topic comments, judging ecc.

    Yes.. all this written now is useless, boring, time wasting, repetitive and nothing to learn about.
    yes I repeated myself here over and over on same subject in different ways which was not simple said as it should be.
    and no my future posts won't be so long and boring..

    "Whatever its just an opinion"
    And I really mean it THANKS TO ALL and sorry for taking away your time

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    Circuit advertisement LW Afrika CAMO M40 Helmet "Regt. General Goring" marked?? Real deal?
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    interesting long winded reply, but I think you missed the point. It seemed to a few of us, that you wanted it to be real, without having any prior knowledge, even a quick glance would tell you the devil is in the detail, and with that one, it was pretty obvious from the outset what it was....or wasn't.

    No one is blaming you, or getting annoyed with you, but there are plenty of threads on cam helmets and honestly, if you want to collect, just go for the bog standard SD helmet. There are plenty out there, and much safer than the crap you first posted.

    Study originals and the fakes will be apparent. it is on the front page of my website. It's the first thing you see. And there is so much truth in that statement, it really does not need expanding on.

    As a footnote, I have seen more camouflage wired basket helmets over the last 5 years, than I have ever seen in my 40 years of collecting and why do you think that is.... I'll leave you with that thought

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