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Lw m40 sd

Article about: Hello, still nothing new from the other helmets I posted earlier.. Anyway, another guy has answered my ww2 interest ad with a Luftwaffe M40 SD. The interior is obvious an awful post-war repl

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    The best dealer for liners is Ken N's site, he regularly gets loose components but I would watch the for sale sections of the forums too.

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    As the guys are saying, the shell looks fine, but a clear close up of the decal would seal it.
    I hope whatever the hell has been stuck inside can be removed, good luck on getting it out.
    Andy is on the money about where to look for a replacement liner.


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    Shell is OK and great there many places to get a liner. Price is ok on it. timothy

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    I've got contact with a guy who has a repainted shell but with original liner. Tried to post it here on my mobile but that didn't go so well. Will update you later.


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    Lw m40 sdLw m40 sd

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    If you want a restored LW helmet, i have a quite well made one. Original liner and chinstrap and the paint is correct as well. This one looks awful IMHO.

    Regards, Lars

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    Well, the shell isn't the prettiest. But I intended to buy the helmet and place the liner in the LW helmet. It has some paint spots but maybe if i'm lucky I can remove them.

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    Default Re: Lw m40 sd many ruined helmets out there. If you get a good deal on the repainted helmet that might work out. Does the liner match the size of the Lufty shell? How do you intend to get the green paint off the leather without damaging/ discoloring it? What will you do with the remaining shell? I'd strip it down to see if the original paint is still there. If not, I'd have it blasted and restored to original. I hope to see the progress with this project. Member ' Woodsnake' has done some great things restoring these.

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    Yeah, I have seen Woodsnakes restorings and he really knows his job. That really was my thought, to strip the paint off. I have some Close ups on the horrible decals which apparently wouldn't matter. But I have seen people paint over decals or just fill in the paint with a brush. I wonder if someone has done that with the tri-color? It's an M35 so it could stand a chance.. The ss decal is really terrible. I have asked the seller for the size of the Shell so we will see what he says.

    Lw m40 sdLw m40 sd

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    Just picked the hemet up today when the seller was in the city. I ripped out the awful liner which was glued and taped into the liner band. One rivet looks home-made and as someone said here before, the straps was post-war.

    Otherwise I really like the helmet, nice texture-paint (it must be a reissue, cause I see some light-blue paint under the textured. Lotnr: 5007 ET64, the liner band is dated 1940.

    Thanks/ Al

    Lw m40 sdLw m40 sdLw m40 sdLw m40 sdLw m40 sdLw m40 sdLw m40 sdLw m40 sd

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