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M-35 Luftwaffe camo

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    Default M-35 Luftwaffe camo

    Hello Everyone,
    I am in Italy and I have decided to do some treasure hunting Today I was offered a small Luft camo helmet. It is an ET62. The inside of it looks great, nice clean liner, the rivets look like they have never been messed with, and it still has the dated chinstrap. The question that I have is about the exterior of the helmet. The camo looks aged decently and you can see traces of the LF Decal but I am no expert on the paint. I was wanting to get some of your opinions before I attempt to seal the deal. These are the pictures I was sent. I will try to get some better quality pictures soon.

    M-35 Luftwaffe camoM-35 Luftwaffe camoM-35 Luftwaffe camoM-35 Luftwaffe camo

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    For me it's 50/50. Some aspects I like and some I don't, the wear is quite convincing on the top and in other places, but there are some scratches on other parts that look a bit suspect. It's worth getting better pics though or even getting it into your hands to check if it's possible, it has a chance and certainly not a one look fake.

    The liner looks like it might not belong to this helmet though, not much dust build up in there and it looks like an earlier one to me.

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    Hi Thaddeus , as Kradspam says , this is a tricky one. To me it looks as though it may have also been white washed at one time as there seem to be remnants in some of the chipped and scratched areas. I think personally that this may be original cammo that looks a bit "washed out" as the white overpaint has been stripped away. Leon.
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    Better pictures are needed for sure.
    No big red flags,.

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    Thanks for the opinions guys. I hope that this one checks out. I would have to take a 4 hour train ride to get it but if it is good, then it is definitely worth it!

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    any other opinions? The more the Merrier!!!!

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    Did this helmet come off ebay?
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    At least I don't think it is on ebay, It's in Italy right now. I had a seller contact me

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    I was able to find the helmet on eBay VERY similar from a seller out on Italy named mammapia1960. He sold a Luftwaffe camo 3weeks ago for 750.00 . Just being careful. Marty
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    Not your helmet "the" the helmet I was thinking of. Just wanted to clear that up.
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