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M-40, KM or HEER?

Article about: As said, not a KM decal...............

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    Default M-40, KM or HEER?

    Do you think this is a KM decal or a toned heer? The helmet is marked EF64 and 387 or 6387 (he's not sure). The chinstrap is marked 1940. He wants 500 for it, which I think is a quite good price for a SD KM.
    I've requested high-res pictures of the decal, just hope that it's not sold already.
    M-40, KM or HEER?M-40, KM or HEER?M-40, KM or HEER?

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    We need better shots of the decal, but from what I see here, I suspect that it is a WH decal, not a KM.The price seems more in line with a WH helmet as well. If the better pictures are provided, please post them. Cheers, Jim G.

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    Yeah, but maybe the seller doesn't know that it existed KM decals. If I'm lucky...
    How much does a SD KM in this condition go for?

    Posting pictures as soon as I get them!

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    I'd say its a Heer decal also but does the liner look very fresh compared to the chinstrap? See if you can get photos of the rest of the lid so we can see if the liner rivets have been played with which might indicate a replaced or repo liner. 500 is not bad for an untouched SD M40 Heer but is too much if the liner is dodgy.

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    decal is a Heer,,,and i agree that liner is too "fresh" compared to exterior of the helmet

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    Well somethings been interfered with as the chinstrap has been placed on wrong which suggests to me that the liner could possibly have been removed at one time for some reason apart from that i would say the shell is okay, but like the others much better photos are needed to examine the liner ,decal and chinstrap

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    here is a very nice army M-40 that sold on a website for $1400....
    Attached Images Attached Images M-40, KM or HEER? M-40, KM or HEER? 

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    I agree, I think it's a heer decal. It's not gold enough for me.

    It's a fair price for a heer helmet though. I think the liner looks fine from here. Are the rivets tight and straight?

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    It's not a KM , better pictures are definitely needed before you cash out 500 euros. If all check out it's a fair price if not ...

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    Default Re: M-40, KM or HEER?

    It would be a good price for a KM.Would need better pictures but I would say not a KM from what I can see.

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