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M35/40 Heer

Article about: The lid is a repainted M35, or a "re-issued" lid. Mnay M35's can be seen in this configuration as per 1940 orders that changed the look of the helmets. Single decals, rough paint.

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    Default M35/40 Heer

    Hi, I've seen this for sale and it actually gives me the right feeling. But I haven't seen this configuration with a string attached around the helmet before, so what are you guys feelings?

    Regards AlM35/40 HeerM35/40 HeerM35/40 HeerM35/40 HeerM35/40 HeerM35/40 Heer

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    Looks to be an M35 reissue. I am not too keen on the liner and chin strap. They look very brown-redish. I would like to see a few more photos of them. As it stands not a helmet for me yet.

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    As Todd said above and i think the string may be a modern addition, nice honest looking shell though!..
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    Hi Al,

    The decal looks as if you blew on it what remains would fly off, you can see bits flapping about. An M35 reissue that's been mucked about with?. Strung helmets do come up, common practice....appears it may have had a bread bag strap at some stage also. I agree the liner has that Norwegian red thing going on, dye hit with acetone. Not a bad helmet at the right price? Need more pics, some macro please. Lose the decal, otherwise I'd be more than a bit suss.


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    I can understand you can get it to a more red-ish color, but from the new pics he sent me I think it looks quite nice, it doesn't really look like the Norwegian dark-red color. (Although this is found in Norway).

    Here you go:

    M35/40 HeerM35/40 HeerM35/40 HeerM35/40 Heer

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    That is a 100% period liner with the embossed stamp indicating 1935/36 production of the leather which they discontinued doing. I am pretty sure I know this helmet its been posted on my GHW2 forum. The string, like any addition to the shell including camo paint, wire, bread bag straps, etc could be wartime or could be postwar added, without a hands on its hard to know and even then it can be impossible to determine. That said the string has splayed and the fraying and flattening on the rim edge is indicative that the string has been on a while at least.

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    Hi , personally I would pass on this one. The decal is very unstable and will only be a worry to preserve. The string looks far to clean and un-damaged to be period to the helmet for me. The liner itself may be ok , but it just looks a bit bent around to me so that may well be a replacement but it is original, how much is the helmet , if it's cheap enough it would be worth having a go at?. Leon.
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    Liner looks better. Still not sure the bands belong in this helmet. Nice early stamp. Decals flaking off of reissue paint is not uncommon.

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    Helmet is an M35 btw, not an M35/40. The maker and lot number would be nice if it were also posted. What is the liner band date? One way to determine if the string has been on for 70 years is ghosting on the paint under the string and a stronger more vivid color on the unexposed side of the string.

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    Think about it, if the string was original and attached to the bales as they are ,you could'nt wear the chin strap properly, it would continually stretch the string and over this amount of time it would have broken, the liner looks to be a replacement or a good repro as there are no stretch marks anywhere , vent holes, tongues etc, the chin strap is mismatched IMO and possibly not original, the liner band itself seems to be too small for the interior of the helmet and the whole interior does'nt really match the condition of the helmet,just my two cents worth!!!

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