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M35 DRK Helmet

Article about: Hello All, Helmets are entirely new for me but I am considering the attached piece for my DRK collection. Unfortunately I don't yet have images beyond these but I believe this is an original

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    A close-up of the decal... I have not seen too many of these DRK helmets however I haven't seen the "square bottom" decal before. The other helmet from Craig's site has the same kind of rounded bottom decal as this one. Perhaps both kinds were used and are period? Also interesting what has been noted in this thread about this particular helmet not having all the holes drilled.

    Thanks to all for the help

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M35 DRK Helmet  

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    Any final, parting thoughts on this decal issue? I shared images with a friend who specializes in DRK headgear and he appears to agree with what has said about a "square bottom" being preferred to this rounded type. Perhaps both types are period original? I truly appreciate all the help from you stahlhelm guys


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    The unusually odd failure to drill one hole on each vent area would be of more concern to me than the decal.... William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    As with all other helmet decals, numerous manufacturers exist. Undoubtedly this would include this DRK decal. My first DRK helmet had an identical decal. I got it back in the 1960's when there were no fakes of DRK decals. Lore such as that quoted about the round bottom decal being fake always amazes me because no one can substantiate hwere this theory began and why. I have run in to this situation on numerous 3rd Reich items over the years. Possibly fakes were made emulationg an original round bottom decal or they are not fakes at all.


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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    The unusually odd failure to drill one hole on each vent area would be of more concern to me than the decal.... William
    As I pointed out, ive never seen one like this, in most reference books it states 7 hole vents unless its the mesh version, as for a "square" bottom decal, i was only aware of a round or pointed version of the DRK and the black bordered Belgian DRK, the pointed version having a thinner red cross, the rounded having a thicker red cross, any type of decals that were square in appearance were hand painted as far as i can tell

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    Hello Guys,

    Many thanks for all the help and comments. I think I'm going to go ahead with this purchase although I will admit the very low price still has me a tad worried. I'm satisfied this type of decal were period produced, although as Bob pointed out perhaps repro'd and perhaps not. Should I be concerned about the only 6 holes drilled? Is this a big deal with these helmets? It seems the helmet shell is fine and these were drilled in the original period. Perhaps just an odd oversight with this one?


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    This is a VERY old thread I know, but the debate on the round vs pointed DRK decals continues to this day .... food for thought deep from the annals of the forum.

    Also an opinion on the "missing" vent hole ( from a toolmakers point of view ). The holes were punched with what is called a 'gang punch' - that is, a group of punches that pierce ALL the holes at once. These thin punches sometimes break and would result in the repetitive SAME missing hole. QA should have rejected them but maybe for the DRK this was not a pass/fail criteria. I am surprised we don't see more of these missing holes - gang punches of this size are notorious ( even today ) for breakages!

    Cheers, Dan
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