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M35 Heer helmet - mint

Article about: No I do not sorry.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    That's high end DD SS territory.
    You are correct Doug that they are leagues apart in quality, but from my my simplistic view of supply & demand I would have thought the lesser DD's would HAVE to be influenced by prices like this, just as in the art world where values of lesser artists from the "same school" get pushed up regardless of logic to the contrary.
    Cheers, Dan
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    Where it will fuel pricing increases is on top conditioned ones. Collectors with the means will buy for condition but won't spend money on lesser conditioned pieces thus leaving prices where they are, that's the trend in militaria I've seen the past year or so as prices have actually decreased about 20% on easily obtainable items to very good condition items. Top top pieces will still drive an inflated value especially when there are guys competing for 1 item.

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    If you get the right two people at an auction, you can sell any helmet for $18K
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    i hope this will not put the price of dd decals up im trying to save my hard erned pennys for one now. i have a target but no way near this one, its a dd m35 luft well worn.

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    No worries on a worn DD LW. They are a dime a dozen and have gone down in price as Doug says. I don't get people who spend exorbitant amounts of money on items like this. I would have said $6-7K tops. They will never get their money out of it if they try to unload it later.

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    yea thanks thats good to here ive been looking at german war helmet theres some good helmets on there at good prices

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    Be sure to post any helmets from German War Helmet here for review prior to purchase. The dealer blackened his name in a huge way recently with some dodgy dealings. There was the mother of all threads on WAF about him.

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    ok thanks will do dident no that. there are dealers around here but the prices can be real high.

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    There are some good dealers out there, but watch out!

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    wow!! amazing!

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