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M35 Heer Named To Army Officer

Article about: Hi Guys, I just love named lids, I have had this one for about a year now..It was my 3rd helmet bought. Here is what I think would be called a splinter camo named to a LT. Herbert Wenzel, wh

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    Wow..This site is Awesome..Collectors helping other collectors, thats what its all about. Thanks for all the info guys.
    Now..if I can just figure out what im reading..LOL

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    The 708th Infantry Division was stationed in Southern France until redeployment in early 1944 to Normandy. The unit was not considered to be a top line unit. It suffered heavy losses in the falaise area. The surviving remants were sent to slovakia where the unit was reformed as the 798th Volksgrenadier Division. The unit was destroyed andceased to exist in the Colmar area south of Strasbourg in early 1945. The units Ade gave for the Feldpost number were as far as I know not attached to this unit. From the caqmoflage pattern on the helmet, I would think th epiece was picked up in the summer of 1944 in Normandy and not during the winter of 1945. A very nice helmet that has researchable history.


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    A keeper without a doubt. Would be a nice one in any collection.

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    Here is some more info on the unit which I id'ed from the Feldpost number:

    Das Bau-Bataillon 210 wurde bei der Mobilmachung am 26. August 1939 in Perleberg, im Wehrkreis III, aufgestellt. Das Bataillon wurde aus der RAD-Abteilung 94 zu 4 Kompanien als Heerestruppe aufgestellt. Am 4. Januar 1940 wurde das Bataillon in Wusterhausen-Dosse, ebenfalls Wehrkreis III, unter Abgabe der RAD-Führer zum Bau-Bataillon 210 der Wehrmacht umgegliedert. Zu Beginn des Frankreichfeldzuges wurde das Bataillon bei der 4. Armee eingesetzt. Am 26. April 1941 wurde das Bataillon zum Brückenbau-Bataillon 210 umgebildet. Zu Beginn des Ostfeldzuges wurde das Bataillon in Mittelrussland eingesetzt. Bei der Operation Taifun wurde das Bataillon im Oktober 1941 unter der 9. Armee eingesetzt. Anfang 1942 wurde das Bataillon unter dem XXIII. Armeekorps bei der 9. Armee eingesetzt. Am 19. August 1943 wurde das Bataillon in Pionier-Brücken-Bataillon 210 umbenannt. Im Sommer 1944 wurde das Bataillon in der Nordukraine vernichtet.

    Roughly this reads in English as:

    The construction battalion 210 was mobilised on 26th August 1939 in Perleberg, Military district III. The battalion was converted from the RAD unit 94 with 4 companies set up as army troops. On 4th January 1940 the battalion was in Wusterhausen-Dosses also in Defense District III, in charge of the RAD-Führer to Construction Battalion 210 of the Wehrmacht. France, at the beginning of the campaign was the battalion was in 4th Army. On 26th April 1941, the battalion was remodled as Bridge Construction Battalion 210. At the beginning of the campaign was the battalion in central Russia. In "operation typhoon" in October 1941 the battl was under the 9th Army. Beginning in 1942 the battalion under the XXIII. Army Corps as part of the 9th Army. On 19th August 1943 the battalion was renamed Pioneer Bridge Construction Battalion 210. In the summer of 1944, the battalion was destroyed in the Northern Ukraine.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    So its from the East.

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    Hi Steve, the guy could have been transfered, but his original unit certainly fought in the East for most of the war.

    Hi, where did you get the info about his unit from?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    " Hitlers Legions"
    By S.W. Mitcham.

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    hi , my only grandparent alive is my grama wenzel that is the other side of my family i have done some research on wenzels through a family reuion my uncle went to this summer . well i will start , there is alot of info. here is some > herbert wenzel is waffen ss obsturmbannfuhrer (otto skorzeny )his name was tranformed , now skorzeny's ss jagdverband trained hunting teams for suvival skills from fall of 1944 the oganization of warwof(wehrwof) was put together for last of the nazis . herbert (otto) led into action the training and was an experienced soldier from the ranks of ss jagdverband. He was also responsible for the capture of ann frank , and for some odd reason i met her in 2004 in saskatoon at a art center i was attending arts school. my first post and first time on this site. sean j chovin

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    Wasn't Anne Frank killed in 1945 ? Great helmet . Gary

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    Default Re: M35 Heer Named To Army Officer | Kriegstote/r: Herbert Wenzel

    Where can one find info on units soldiers were attached to?

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