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M35 Heer reissue

Article about: I agree with the guys. I'm also very confident it is an ET, Q, SE, EF or SE. Definitely.

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    Default M35 Heer reissue

    Hi!! I want to show you my first ever non relic german helmet! M35 size 66, if someone could say the manufacturer by the shape i would be thankful. Has seen combat for sure. Ive put the drawstring just to keep the leather from folding when i put it down. I also have a chinstrap but in pieces. I love it!

    M35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissueM35 Heer reissue
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    Quality M35 brought up to the old 1940 specifications!! Lovely job, Leon.
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    Lovely helmet!

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    v/nice helmet.

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    Nice reissue, a great first (non relic) lid Could you get a dead straight profile shot, and a close up of the vent and inside rim? It would help ID the maker. Any sign of stamps in the shell at all or are they totally covered by paint? Even font of a single number can help.

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    Nice original! I'm guessing an ET?

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    Good honest M35 Heer.
    I am leaning toward SE for now.


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    Congratulations!!!! So this is the helmet you have been saving up to buy. I think you did a fine job in picking out a nice m35 helmet and we know that you have been doing ALOT of studying up on german helmets. Great job. Marty
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    I'll guess a "Q" with a non BF eagle. The wide crimp just says Q but, I was torn between EF and NS as well. LOL!!!!!!

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    Well we have all the bases covered then LOL

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