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M35 HitlerJugend?

Article about: I will go for the polizei, and indeed, familie makes it more tricky, but i wont buy the other helmet... thanks kameraden for the help. I will ask some more polizei helmets to clear this ques

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    Default M35 HitlerJugend?

    Hello kameraden,

    Spotted this m35 hj

    Need some second thaughts on this 2...

    Only have this pictures.

    Many thanks !!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M35 HitlerJugend?   M35 HitlerJugend?  

    M35 HitlerJugend?  

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    The liner looks artificially aged and... what's inside the helmet... all wrong.

    I'd run away from this one.

    I believe there is only one known period photo of helmets w/ HJ decals... If I remember correctly it's a photo of HJ firefighting gear.

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    Yes run away in a hurry.

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    Liner is not German, can't see the chinstrap very good, and the decal has no pronounced border like the original decals I have seen. There also appears to be little to no paint on the shell, but maybe it just looks that way since I'm looking at it on my phone. Check out the other threads on this style of decal for more info.

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    2 for 2, bad. You spotted this or someone offered this? If spotted who is the seller?

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    We are talking about the uncle of my gf. He has the same hobby as we do. But is looking for selling/ giving away some stuff. Better be carefull when i pass by
    I think i go for the polizei but only after further examination
    thx kameraden

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    Be tactful if you are going to tell him that some of his lids are fake.
    Especially if he has a short fuse


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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    Quote by Lidman View Post
    Be tactful if you are going to tell him that some of his lids are fake.
    Especially if he has a short fuse

    I agree with Brad - no points to be made creating a family division over a piece of steel. Silly old duffer got caught out like we all do from time to time
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    should just say your not intrested in this unit for your collection. or if your got the money buy and get it sand blasted

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    Default Re: M35 HitlerJugend?

    Family always makes things much trickier. As I said in the police tread, more pics are needed, but if these other two are any indication, than that might be bad also. But, best to judge each helmet separately. I hope for your sake the police lid is a good one.

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