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M35 KM helmet

Article about: Nice KM, and very nice deal

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    Nice KM, and very nice deal

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    Circuit advertisement M35 KM helmet
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    In that condition I would put a price tag of around $1,000. It really comes down to how much one thinks the spattered garage paint and storage damage detracts from the piece. Some might want it for less, other might pay a little more. Anywhere around a grand is fair ground given it's a KM. But that's just my reasoning.

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    Quote by A.J. Zawadzki View Post
    Thanks again. Dare I ask what the approximate market value of a helmet in this condition would be? Just curious to see what magnitude of deal he scored. The hemet was found here at this Vancouver landmark.

    Tony of course! I know I rail on ad nauseum about is it real and what's it worth but there is a distinct difference between that sort of thread and this. I think my esteemed colleagues have the value nailed down fairly well, $8-900 on a bad day and $13-1500 on a very good day. All in Canadian of course.

    Nice to see a little gem surface in Vancouver. It reminds me of a rare SE M40 KM that surfaced here a few years ago. (Although I didn't pay $200 LOL, it was $1000 I think)

    It came with a large company flag of a river freight company which was nazified. I researched the flag and the company not only ferried freight up and down the Danube but also transported Jews held in the camp system. The company name escapes me now. They are still active today.

    But they mention nothing about this past in their corporate history online. I was going to publish a large photo and upload it to their comments section. Just to see the reaction. :-)

    I have no idea where the flag is today or if I even have photos. Well, I digress and am in full ramble mode, sorry.

    Per the helmet, a very very nice pickup.

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    that would have caused a few ripples Doug.

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    Here it is, the DDSG (Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft)

    The flag which I should have kept because it was so unique and didn't cost much at all.

    Attachment 582517

    What they transport now. Much more civilized and fewer guards.

    Attachment 582518

    Their new flag. Much more politically correct.

    Attachment 582519

    I would bet posting this flag on the corporate Facebook wall or Instagram account might cost them a tourist or two. Mind you Volkswagen and Bayer are doing quite well these days it seems.

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    I'm not one to mind making trouble, so if you don't want to, I'll post it on their Facebook site
    I've done worse things...much worse, but we won't get into that today...or tomorrow.

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    If I was selling that it would have been interesting to give them first refusal. I'm sure they would pay well above market rate to see that particular item disappear from the world There is a telefunken M34 with a nazified decal floating around that would probably work just as nicely.

    That said they would destroy it, so that would be to much of a shame and in the event I wouldn't do it.

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    Nice score for your buddy you can clearly see the stack marks on the outer top of the shell.

    Doug, posting this flag would cause a small stir although many Co.'s were involved in the TR machine, even American companies, i.e. IBM made the punch cards that determined the number a concentration camp inmate would have tattooed on them. The Standard Oil Co. were filling up U-boats in the Atlantic.
    The German firm I.G. Farben had factories at the camps and made the Zyklon B gas used after they were tattooed . When people investigate corporate history they will be surprised. I'm not.

    Without straying too far off topic, I agree with everyone else as to the price of this KM. a diamond in the rough , I suppose ill bet your friend is very happy. A decent shell with no decal at all can cost up to $200 at times!

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    . . . I know I rail on ad nauseum about is it real and what's it worth but there is a distinct difference between that sort of thread and this. . .
    Hi Doug, say no more. Im equally wary of the is it good and whats it worth crowd who quickly disappear to sell their item once they get the numbers. The thread then languishes without providing any useful educational purpose. Hence my sheepish approach to asking here as nobody likes a hypocrite! As for me, not a Third Reich collector, I did learn that KM decals have the gold eagle (vs. white for Heer) and also looked into how to differentiate an M35 from M40 helmets (substitution of stamped air-vents for the pressed grommet air-vents). So the exercise was most worthwhile for me and also my friend who thought this was an M35.

    Thanks again to everyone for their input. Im sure the helmet owner is clicking his heels on receipt of the news. Besides being a super chap I know hes going to gift the helmet to his brother, so hes generous as well. Its always nice to see a good militaria find pop out of the woodwork like this, especially when everyone benefits.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    a great find for a good price. finding a m40 km helmet like this one would make my day or week or year. the images of the the swap meet. looks like it would be a great day digging threw all the stuff there.

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