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M35 Luft size 53, just purchased

Article about: I just won and Ebay auction for this helmet. It is a small size 53, and the seller said it was all original. Opinions please?

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    Default M35 Luft size 53, just purchased

    I just won an Ebay auction for this helmet. It is a small size 53, and the seller said it was all original. Opinions please?

    M35 Luft size 53, just purchased
    M35 Luft size 53, just purchased
    M35 Luft size 53, just purchased
    M35 Luft size 53, just purchased
    M35 Luft size 53, just purchased
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    Circuit advertisement M35 Luft size 53, just purchased
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    Welcome to the Forum! It looks okay to me overall...although it may be a Size 55 rather than a 53(?)...Liner is original and worth around $100 just by itself...same with the Chinstrap these days...Decal & Paint appear okay but I'm no expert regarding those...Always a Great Display piece - I got my first one when I was 10, lol...Well Done!
    cheers, Glenn

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    I'm a new member here, thanks for the membership :-) I've been collecting WW2 relics for about 10 years now. This is my first Luft helmet. I won it last Saturday, and just picked it up at the Post Office this morning. It is a SMALL size, which was a surprise. It does have lots of character! The seller said he had it in his collection for 20 years.

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    bigmacglenn1966, Hello there. Well it does have the size printed on the leather, which is still soft, and the liner inside. I can read 60 nA 53 on the liner band. I was wondering about the chin strap being original, since it has a greenish color, and is flat. It has been repainted dark blue/black at some point, underneath is a lighter green color. The chin strap doesn't have any number printed on it. It looks like it has been sitting for many years and looks original otherwise inside. I paid $389 for it.

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    It is an SF60 shell lot number 4521

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    The Luftwaffe employed Teenagers in Flak Batteries and other Anti-Aircraft Duties, which explains the small sizes encountered...I recall my first one was a Luftwaffe M42 size fit me as a kid, but now I've got a size 58, lol...
    Price is about right at today's market prices...In the future, we always recommend posting for opinions before purchasing- It's a Mine-field out there- Something to remember for the future-...
    cheers, Glenn

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    That's about my size Glenn, a 59 actually. I'm 53 years old. I owned an M42 EF66 for about 10 years, but it was refurbished, painted Normandy camo. I sold it a couple years ago to a gentleman from Tennessee who does WW2 living history events. I can't wear this helmet, but it will a nice display piece. I also collect WW2 weapons.

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    a nice helmet seahorse.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    I can only ask that you attempt to load your photos right side up in the future, it is unfair to expect members to lay on their side to view them and try to assist you. I will also add, the larger the photo that you post will enable members to give you more details. This forum has a photo viewer that will allow members to expand them to see more details.
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    I uploaded the pictures from my iPhone and they rotated for some strange reason. I tried to correct the previewed pictures, but there seemed to be no way to edit them in the preview window.

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