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M35 ... new in my collection.

Article about: I think is a reissued M35 !? ... with nice reissued paintjob .

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    I like it both ways, however you like it is all that matters I usually leave my stuff alone as i always screw it up

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    Circuit advertisement M35  ... new in my collection.
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    Now for a vote the other way. I am a big fan of the renaissance wax as it (very slightly) enriches the colour, adds a nice, dull sheen and smells purty. Very 'museum-like'.

    For instance, my relic wire M40 took on a much nicer appearance (IMO) after a coat of renaissance wax

    Before:M35  ... new in my collection.

    After: M35  ... new in my collection.

    Same for another relic, this time an M35...

    Before: M35  ... new in my collection.

    After:M35  ... new in my collection.

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    WOW ... tnks Glenn ... I'll use wax! ... I ordered from ebay.


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    ... please tell me about application !?

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    It's on the container...

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    Thumbs up

    Is done !!
    Method: gradual baths of oxalic acid (not by immersion).
    Method of preservation: Renaissance Wax (only a very thin layer).

    Tnks guys !!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M35  ... new in my collection.   M35  ... new in my collection.  

    M35  ... new in my collection.   M35  ... new in my collection.  

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    In the pictures are seen splashes of color on helmet ... they dont exist, is just some error on upload ! 😕

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    it's all down to condition when a helmet needs doing something , this helmet did not need anything and had a great patina.
    After the oxalid it didn't turn out that bad but still , now the wax again was wholy unnecessary as a helmet in that condition will never deteriorate further anyhow.
    The helmet Glenn post was in a much different state as the one in this topic.
    I hope you keep your next helmet in the "as found" state.

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    Schwerpunkt, not to hijack this thread, but looking at this helmet before he removed the rust and comparing it to the combat helmet I bought, would I be correct to say most of that which I've called "rust" on mine is really just rusty looking patina? So much of the rust on the helmet posted here came off in the bath, and there's still paint under it. Seems like it stands to reason my helmet probably has a lot more paint that's not being seen, since I thought there would be no paint where rust is found. I'm not planning to do any acid bath, just curious about what is actual rust damage on any helmet like this.
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