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M35 Norwegian referb helmet.

Article about: Can anybody help me with these numbers on my M35 DD Norwegian referb please.. Any other information regarding this helmet would be appreciated. .

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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Someone here will let you know about the lot number.
    I bought one of these in the 70's for $25, stripped it
    down, painted it black and added SS decals.........
    As has been the fate of many of these in my experience. Thats why minty ones like this are now getting harder to find and go for good these parts anyway.

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    Circuit advertisement M35 Norwegian referb helmet.
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    I wont strip it,i shall leave it as it is.

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    Glenn what is a fair price for this DD in this condition ?
    Not that I'm selling it.M35 Norwegian referb helmet.M35 Norwegian referb helmet.M35 Norwegian referb helmet.

    The helmet is back together. .
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    Have ou a link to this page please as I'm no wiser on what the D222 represents. .
    Thank you

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    Quote by baronvonbee View Post
    Have ou a link to this page please as I'm no wiser on what the D222 represents. .
    Thank you
    Hi, the D222 number is just a number that was stamped into a particular "batch/run" of helmets. If quality control tested a helmet from that batch and found it not to be up to ballistic standards, the whole run would be pulled. The next batch of helmets to be pressed may have had D223 stamped onto them etc etc. It is just an identification tool for the factory. For future reference never remove a liner from a helmet as it affects the value, any serious collector would spot it a mile off and either offer less or pass completely. Leon.
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    Thanks for the info

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    Why taken it appart? Even for cleaning you can leave it al together..? Good luck putting those pins nice and tight back in the helmet...And don't strip it of its paint?! This helmet has its own history and ended up how it is now. I hate when people do this. I have a Danish m40 Q64, with ww2 number in the neck. But i let it as it is. Other collectors should do the same. Just a waiste of a nice helmet...

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