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M35 - paint

Article about: KEN N ??? i have not heard of this gentlman ? email?

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    Default M35 - paint

    Hi All

    what do you think about this M35 ? The paint looks suspecious to me - but I am still not able to see whether it is a fake or a real one.,

    M35 - paintM35 - paintM35 - paintM35 - paintM35 - paint

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    Can you get a close up of the exterior paint or at least larger images?

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    i will try to obtain Photos I also got this one
    M35 - paint

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    Nice size - Better than the other one - it's definitely been repainted once
    or twice. Again don't spend much $$$. I'm guessing this would be
    selling for about $350-$400+, but it's a tad much IMO.........
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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    I also like it But there are so many copies on the market that I as a beginner need to take care. Right now there is a German Company that Sells quite a lot Shells for fair prices as originals. I also know that they sell copies which make it a lot more confusing. Will try to post Pictures of them later

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    A solid original relic or semi-relic shell should cost about
    the same as a repro - $80-$125. Add an original liner,
    with rivets and the price can triple.

    Some advise to skip the 'beat up' lids and buy a good
    original 'no decal' at around $350-$500. Some of us
    are also on tight budgets.........


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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    I am also moving in that direction my first helmet was a repro, and I liked i untill I bought my first real helmet and discovered how different it was in design and quality. Now I can feel that I am moving away from the original - but beat up - helmets towards original and still intact helmets.

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    Too messed with for me. Someone went decal hunting.

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    off subject here BUT relevent
    does any one here know of a good "carrect" apple green paint suplier
    so far every apple green paint i have got my hands on has been totaly wrong.there are im led to believe many shades of apple green.i know there is no RAL no for apple green
    but some paint company must have got this right by now ??

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    Default Re: M35 - paint

    There are correct paints, but the heck if I could tell you where to get them. I know Ken N has then for the restored helmets he does. Maybe shoot him an email? Someone else here might know a better place.

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