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M35 wl dd

Article about: The liner has definately been treated and as others have said the national decal at least has been liberated but for 500e I think it's a fair price. Looks to be the original liner too so if

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    Default M35 wl dd

    This is the second one that I was offered. Also from this lid I want to hear some opinions please. Thank you.

    M35 wl ddM35 wl ddM35 wl ddM35 wl ddM35 wl ddM35 wl dd


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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    Hi Kris,looking at this one it looks to me as it may be an original cammo. It has the right colour combinations,but it does seem strange to me that the interior of the helmet has pretty good paint work,but the outside is very very heavily worn!!! Could this have been overpainted and then stripped back to this state? It has the correct "square bale" liner for an M35(although I think the liner may have been treated) and the decals look good if not in great condition. Leon.
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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    The helmet look legit to me, both the liner and paint though you can see in the pics that the decals have been 'dug' out from under the camo. Its probably the easiest to see in the tri colour picture. It does effect the value of course but it still looks like an attractive helmet and I would certainly pick it up should the price be right.


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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    Looks honest, but the tricolour has perhaps been liberated from the camo. Oiled liner.

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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    agreed, looks ok but some digging and cleaning going on

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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    well with the price would the seller be selling this helmet at the price of a dd m35 luft plus adding the price of a m35 camo on top.? what would be a good price.

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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    Sellers price is 500. I think that's a very attractive price.

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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    Original helmet I agree someone may have done some decal searching under the cammo. Good helmet never less. timothy

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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    I also believe the Tri-colour has been liberated, and maybe even the LW decal too.
    As already stated, the helmet may have had a layer of overpaint that has been removed, but it's hard to say.
    The liner certainly looks to have been oiled/treated.
    Having said all that, I still like it, and it would display nicely.


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    Default Re: M35 wl dd

    Like the others it is a nice original piece. I do love the camo.

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