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M35s only or ???

Article about: by LAS VEGAS was camo introduced in 1917?lv LAS VEGAS,.....BLONDIE is spot on with his description of the M16/17. By order of the General staff July 1918, steel helmets were to be camouflage

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    Default M35s only or ???

    I was wondering do most of the german helmet collectors on the forum stick to ww2 german helmets ,or have some, or all an m16 in their collection?I have many m16s ,and particularly like the smaller double step vent lug type with the deeper side skirt .I also like the leather rimed liner,as opposed to the steel rimmed one .One i sold recently had otto koch berlin 1916 incised into the leather when i took it out of the helmet which was a nice suprise at the time,LV.

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Aswell as my ww2 lids i have this m17 camo rgds Dave
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M35s only or ???  

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    hypothetically if i had lots of extra cash and if every helmet was in abundance, i could see myself buying a lot of M42's. I love anything late-war and i love how the flaired edge makes it look bigger. I would do anything for a nice camo M42.

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    I collect ww1 and ww2 helmets German and US.

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Hi Guys, I mainly Third Reich Militaria and have a nice original Single Decal Heer Transitional M16. I also have 3 relic M16's that unfortunately have been repainted.

    My Latest addition however is the attached M17 Camo. I bought it yestarday but it hasn't arrived yet. I would like to give a big Thank You to our forum buddy "ORADOUR" who gave me advice on this lid and helped me steer clear of a dodgy pickelhaube

    Sscrooge, that is a lovely helmet by the way!!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images M35s only or ??? M35s only or ??? 

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Gentlemen, unfortunately I only have M16/17/18's in my collection, not one 35.40 or 42, sorry ! joking apart, you Third Reich guys have it all, transitionals of all kinds....beaded types, Luftshutz and all versions of the M35 on....I can only collect the models I have already mentioned, oh..... and Pickelhaubes ! BLONDI, post more photos of your M17 when you get it, on the Imperial forum of course !
    "The German Army is the perfectly adapted, perfectly running Machine. The difference is that the Germans are organised with a view to War...with the cold, hard, practical and business-like purpose of winning victories."
    G.W. Steevens - The Daily Mail (1897)

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Cheers Oradour. Will do. I thought you would pick up on this thread!!!!

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Blondie lovely helmet.bit confused ,do you mean its m17 because of the camo ,as the shell is m16.was camo introduced in 1917?lv

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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Quote by LAS VEGAS View Post
    Blondie lovely helmet.bit confused ,do you mean its m17 because of the camo ,as the shell is m16.was camo introduced in 1917?lv
    Hi Vegas! The difference is in the liner. In 1917 they changed the liner band to a metal one instead of the m16 leather liner band. the m16 and m17 helmets are identical otherwise and If the helmet does not have any liner, it is impossible to tell if it is m16 or m17. Another interesting point is that my helmet is an Austrian shell as opposed to sscrooge's which is German. This is evident by the chin strap retaining rivets being higher up on my shell than on the German shell...


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    Default Re: M35s only or ???

    Hello Blondie i am familiar with the leather ,and metal rimed liner ,but didnt know that they where called m16 and 17 ,you have learned me something today ,thankyou,lv

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