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M40 Camo Helmet

Article about: Thanks for the help guys! Sorry about the late answer! A friend of mine was looking at this helmet... but as you say, I think its a fake..

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    Quote by oksnevad_2 View Post
    Soory, no more photos....
    It`s for sale here in Norway..
    Then it's a scam... One way or the other. What's the price?

    Regards, Lars

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    I would pass there is no way to tell good or bad with the pictures you have.

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    Ditto, can't judge based on just these pics.

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    I know... I hate bad photos.. It`s selling for about $180..

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    Is it selling as an original? Just getting curious here It must be a reenactment/fake item then.

    Regards, Lars

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    If it is sold as "original" it's either a scam or, judging by the price, simply being sold by someone that simply do not know what they have in their possession... Not unheard of at all. I read a thread about someone in Norway picking up a beautiful SS sd for something like $400 earlier this year, dream pickups are definitely out there --- I have experienced things like this in other fields of collecting before myself.

    But, of course, if the seller does not want to provide photos there's something fishy. I mean... how hard can snapping a few additional shots be? Is this a Finn or Qxl sale or something?

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    If you are guaranteed beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be given an inspection period upon arrival then I'd go for it. If the seller does not provide that service, or more photos, then I'd pass on it.

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    Hi,personally I do not like the look of the wear on this one.There seem to be some large marks around the front area which would be hard to do naturally,they run together at the same angle?Also the crown has no more wear to it than the rest of the shell,again,thats a bit odd for a well used lid,all in all,i would pass on this one! Leon.

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    From the pics, I would say no good.
    As Corey says, if you can get it for an in-hand inspection, and return it if it is no good, then it
    may be worth a shot, even if just for the liner and chinstrap if they turn out to be good.
    Just my 2 cents worth anyway.


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    No chance in Hell.

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