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M40 chickenwire helmet for review

Article about: Thx guys.

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    I'm feeling akin to the thoughts of everyone here . Maybe I'm a bit neurotic , but l look at the craftsmanship in a practical manner...I mean, I try to put myself in the soldats shoes as it were, and think about the method I would use to secure chicken wire to my helmet. I would make sure the wire was tightly applied to the skirt and no loose wire would stick out and poke me. One image shown in the OP looks a bit sloppy and perilous,IMO. It may be good or not.. I won't and can't say. Just seems this would hurt to wear in the field. Also, this is all depends on wether it wasn't tampered or messed with post war.
    I'm scared of these ,too!

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    Would need better pictures of the wire.
    The best way to know is really to have it in hand.

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    Hi Kris , a tough call for me , I have only ever owned one original chicken wire' and the wire had become "fused" to the shell unlike this one , but that could just be from the conditions the helmet was kept in. It is a good looking helmet and if the price was right I would buy it but I feel that there will always be doubt's about the wire on this one. Leon.
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    Can't weigh in here too much besides that even I know these are a.... Minefield. I wouldn't Know where to start, sadly. My lack of experience in helmets leaves me without a opinion, but I will offer this; make sure if you do purchase this item, you are completely positive you will be able to Never question it's authenticity in the future. I have possessed a few Thrid Reich items collectors alike couldn't unanimously agree on, and after a period of time I've found it begins to eat at you. I've even reached the point I no longer want them in my collection, or even my sight, actually. Not much help, I know, but it's better than ill faded advice, which occurs too often, lol.
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    Thank you guys. I've contacted the seller yesterday and the helmet is allready sold... So it solved itself... :-)

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    Probably for the best. Let it be someone else's questionable item.

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    Probably for the best. Let it be someone else's questionable item.
    Agree, I'd, however, trust Bobs assessment, but in the long run it still would be too much of a headache for my liking. I think you may of got lucky with it already being sold. This way you no longer have any opinions, and it's not your fault either way.

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    The helmet is a fake.
    Turn out this was made by some faker in Italy.

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    Already sold? My, what a Lucky

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    One of the problems with helmets like this is to determine if the wire was field applied or not. There is no question when it comes to standard issue wire baskets. In the field, soldiers had to do with what was available. A helmet like this really needs a hands on examination to determine it's legitimacy. At times, even that may not be enough.


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