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M40 chickenwire helmet for review

Article about: Thx guys.

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    Default M40 chickenwire helmet for review

    Hello guys. Me again. I came across this chickenwire helmet. The seller can't garantee the originality of the chickenwire on the helmet. It looks good IMO
    but offcourse I want to hear your opinions in the first place guys. Thank you in advance.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	599chickenwire0001.jpg 
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ID:	553994Click image for larger version. 

Name:	599chickenwire00011.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire00010.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire0009.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire0008.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire0007.jpg 
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ID:	554000Click image for larger version. 

Name:	599chickenwire0006.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire0005.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire0004.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire0003.jpg 
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Size:	161.0 KB 
ID:	553996Click image for larger version. 

Name:	599chickenwire0002.jpg 
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Name:	599chickenwire00012.jpg 
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Size:	283.5 KB 
ID:	554005


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    Ooooh ...... there are some things I like and some I don't like. These are as much a minefield as cammo IMO. If this was added post war it could well have patina'd well over the last 50 years and who can honestly say it was a wartime fixing?????

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Without checking his site, I think Dave Shirlin has this one? Could be wrong. If he is saying it's not guaranteed and he has it in hand, I don't think anyone here will be able to confirm otherwise. It does look good in some pics but in others it leaves me wanting more. It's not galvanised wire so there would be heavy interaction with the shell IMO. Even galv wire leaves a different but clear residue on the shell. After all, it is well priced with all of that in mind.

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    It's on Ken N's site.

    I usually refrain from commenting on wire helmets as they scare me. Its how comfortable YOU are with what you're paying for. None of us have to write the check. I think the shel is good. The wire I'm not sure on.

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    Ah, I knew it was one or the other. Personally I don't think I'd question Ken's judgement either lol...

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    I pretty much agree with all posted opinions.
    I like the helmet but i cannot say the same thing about the wire. These always make me stay away.

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    Okay thx guys for so far. I've asked the seller for some more additional pics of the wire bendings them self.
    Will post them ofc if I have them so this is hopefully continued.


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    As the guys say chickenwire or wire in general is a minefield I have Seen a couple that I think were real knew where they came from. That is about all I can say about them I have a collector friend that doen't have any after 60 year of collecting helmets only had about one in his carreer came from local vet's garage. timothy

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    Just found this if it helps in anyway..

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    The blackening of the wire indicates that it is zinc coated. From the images, I like the color age of the wire and feel it has a good chance of being original to the helmet.


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