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M40 DD Heer helmet for review

Article about: The paint is M35 tone, I'd wager all the parts are 1940 or earlier dated since it is an M40 with M35 specs.

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    Yes, sandpaper or from something else coarse scrubbing the surface, but that is a sign something has been aged. The way that Adler is worn while I cant see the same kind of marks, it just doesnt sit right from here thus far.

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    i went threw my lot book of m40 Q theres a few dd ss but no army. but this is not a shore thing to me the heer decal dose not seem right.

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    I'm not in love with that tri-color and for the same reasons as Doug. The scratch marks are in oddly different directions which is unlikely under normal conditions I think. Looking closely it appears the decal has been laid over the mild corrosion which would create high spots that could be easily knocked off or picked off without damaging the surface underneath, then a quick stain application and a mild scrub for good measure and suddenly you have a DD.

    A real shame but I think its a stinker.

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    I agree once again that the decal has been scrubbed,but it still looks more like an over enthusiastic attempt at cleaning than ageing to me.If this was on sale at a single decal price i would snap it up(even though as i said in an earlier post i suspect it is a post war,original decal(both decals!!) applied helmet)as it just may be a good one. As with anything, a in hand would be needed,but at a single decal price i would not even see this one as a gamble,original decals,hopefully period applied but as i suspect, post war applied.

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    Just wanted to give you an update on this one - After pressing the seller for lot number and liner band date he stopped replying to my emails, it's been over a week now with no correspondence. I guess it's just proof there is something to hide

    Thanks for everyone's opinions on the subject


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