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M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please

Article about: The liner might stand a chance, the pins holding the leather to the liner ring look like the original flat German type and not the domed brass Norgie ones, could do with a better close up to

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    Default M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please


    Can I have your opinion on my double decal Heer helmet please?

    Many thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please   M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please  

    M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please   M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please  

    M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please   M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please  

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    Circuit advertisement M40 Double Decal Heer Helmet Opinions please
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    Sorry to tell you it is a reproduction. Liner looks to be a Norwegian. M40 were not double decal or very rare. Marty
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    Fake decals
    Shell repainted
    Norwegian reused liner.

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    I have to agree with the fellas here. Liner looks like a Norwegian replacement liner and decals are indeed fake.
    Hope this lid didn't hurt your wallet...

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    Bad to the bone!

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    Stay away from this one Repainted fake decals wrong liner

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    Default M40 double decal heer hemet

    Hi Guys,

    I value your opinions but before you jump to the conclusions of fake decals, Norweigan liner, repainted shell etc let me tell you the story of this helmet since it has been in my possession.

    I spotted this helmet in a junk shop in the UK in 1993 and was attracted to by the Tri colour. The outer shell was painted Luftwaffe blue with the heer decal overpainted and an original luftwaffe eagle applied over the top. The inner shell was apple/forest green as you see it now. I had heard of heer helmets being reissued to the luftwaffe prior to purchasing it, but never sen one. As I could see the heer decal shape was still present (overpainted) curiosity overcame me and with a fine wet and dry i removed a very small portion of the paint on the helmet dome which reviled apple/forest green.

    Due to my interest in heer and not luftwaffe at the time, I spent 3 months very carefully removing the Luftwaffe eagle and blue paint. If you look carefully at the pictures you can see where I have rubbed around the tri colour and heer eagle. The tri colour is actually quite cracked around the white which the photos do not portray enough. The heer eagle shown is what was under the luftwaffe paint. The liner I believe is correct to the helmet and so is the chin strap. At the time I covered the liner in boot polish as it was rather dry (which in the photos makes it look red like Norwegian reissues) You can also see the polish on the liner tie. The Chin strap is dated 1940 and the helmet rivets still have there end pieces and are not loose.

    I have never repainted the helmet nor reapplied decals, but only removed the Luffwaffe paint and airforce eagle (20 years ago). I don't think I would do it again!.

    There are 3 numbers to the rear of the helmet which are covered in paint and are unreadable. It is my opinion that the decals are genuine and the helmet was wartime refurbished and reissued to the Luftwaffe, besides why would the inside of the helmet be apple/forest green and the outer shell then overpainted in Luftwaffe blue! Sometimes I think it is easy to jump to the conclusion that decals,paint and liners are fake etc.

    Take another look and let me know your opinions now.

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    Hi , I have read your post but I am afraid the guys are correct in their evaluation of your helmet. Both of the decals now on this helmet are reproductions ,the detail to the adler is not even close to the known originals. I would guess that whoever owned this before you (maybe a re-enactor?) needed to change the use of it so gave it another over paint and Luftwaffe adler. Also the liner as stated is a Norwegian re-fit example. A genuine double decal M40 is extremely rare and unfortunately this is not one of them , I hope you got it at a cheap price ,all the best , Leon.
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    It's still 'Nope'.........!


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