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M40 ef62 sd km?

Article about: by John Brandon Both of the large decals are sadly fake. The Middle one. Like you say looks Ok. But it is the newt type of fake that's going around. But fake it is. Guaranteed Any more info

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    I bet the decal makers back then never Dreamed that over 70 years or more later, their Heer decals would turn yellow tinted and become the source of endless debate and confusion with people around the World mistaking them for KM I could just imagine it.... "Vut?? Vut do you Mean that 75 years frum now som Dumkopfs in Australia and der United States uff Amerika vill be arguing that they haf Kriegsmarine helmets?? Und Vhy vould dey even be Owning one uff our helmets?? We are going to Vin dis war!!"

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Circuit advertisement M40 ef62 sd  km?
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    Lol! Very true,William. A minor concern back then, I'm sure.

    Doug, thanks for your input and advice regarding the toned HEER vs. the KM under 200x-400x magnification, very interesting to know.

    My friend truly scored on this lid even though it isn't a KM. The shape this is in is pretty amazing. My buddy got it and an equally fine conditioned doughboy helmet complete with liner and chinstrap. The paint is all there with a nice textured finish to it. Believe it or not, but he got both lids for 250$!! Lucky guy..

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