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M40 ET64 Luftwaffe, pretty tidy condition.

Article about: by DougB Hi Andy can you post a decal closeup? All looks well and good. Your next helmet should be a double decal SS. lol.... perhaps it will be Doug, I'll take a couple of yours if you happ

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    Only 19 or so comments and half of those are me, Andy and Doug acting like our usual selves. You know, I say something, Andy agrees and "likes" it, and then Doug tries to steal the limelight by announcing another SS helmet purchase sure to put us all to shame. It's the norm I think this deserves a bump

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    Circuit advertisement M40 ET64 Luftwaffe, pretty tidy condition.
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    Ah, you know me so well darling

    Thanks for the bump, 'tis a nice pot for sure. I really like the paint, and one of the nicest liners I've had too. Notice there are still a few of the holes in liner liner that still have the bit of leather in them.

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    No I said Andy's next one should be a DD SS. ;-)
    I often wonder why a nice clean correct helmet such as this doesn't get many comments but a beater old postwar painted M42 with no liner gets 5 pages. Oh well...nothing ventured I suppose.

    So what is next Andy then if not a DD SS, a police?

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    Congratulations on a wonderful add. The liner is almost hypnotic. Although I'm not a helmet collector, I've always been fond of liners in the condition such as yours.
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    Thank you YC, I always try and get lids with a good liner as well as a nice outer appearance. I love the smell too, I am a shameless liner sniffer

    Your potential mix up with currencies not withstanding Doug, I am looking at a police next yes. The pics of your '36 Quist police helped me along with the decision on one particular lid.

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    Glad I could be of some assistance in that regard. I liquidated most of my police helmets save a special few last summer. That was one I kept. I love the early cream/ green paint.

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    The unusual paint colour was a big factor for me too, I'm fond of little arcane details like that. I may only have one or two police so I might as well get a unique one.

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    A very nice lid to add to your collection Andy!
    A small ding on the decal does not detract from one in as nice a condition as this.
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    Quote by DougB View Post
    I liquidated most of my police helmets save a special few last summer.
    Yeah you did

    Andy, as I have told you, I think your collection would look great with a police bird thrown in the mix. They are attractive helmets. Every collection should have one, or several

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    Missed this one - it is really nice. These Lufts are sweet indeed. Jim G.

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