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M40 evaluation

Article about: Hi Guys on this super forum Do you think this helmet is real? I think there is something fishy about the decals and the liner.

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    Default M40 evaluation

    Hi Guys on this super forum
    Do you think this helmet is real? I think there is something fishy about the decals and the liner.

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    For starters the Hitler Jugend decal should not be on this helmet. Also, can you post close ups of the decal? The helmet guys here will want one before they can help you out.

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    I just bought 7 of those mannequin heads today- ha!

    I see a wet area on the inside shot- did you wash the helmet?
    I do see a lot of new rust did you just purchase this piece?

    Someone else needs to comment on the HJ decal- I have no knowledge of those.

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    There is some debate about these Luftwaffe HJ helmets and I think in the main they are considered to be post war put together items. Better pics are needed to pass any other sort of comment.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    No the helmet is not mine. the Guys who is selling it also have som other helmets for sale - but they are more obvious copies. I could not see if this helmet is genuine - even though the liner looks artificially aged..

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    well if your "spidey sense" is tingling then pay it some mind, if you are already being concerned then that's all the reason you need to not buy it.

    The shell looks real to me, the missing decal part & new rust would make me suspect, plus the HJ decal......proceed with caution is the best or just pass all together.

    Again there are more informed folks here than I.

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    I'd move on quickly, there's thousands upon thousands of original German helmets out there... no need to gamble if you're only looking for a good original. That said, dubious decal configuration and everything aside, my personal opinion is that it kind of looks like doodoo anyway...

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    As far as im aware there was no HJ decal available for helmets ,the army and airforce made no distinction concerning the HJ ,they wore the decal of the branch of service they were assigned to or seconded, the helmet appears to be correct , the liner does'nt match the internal condition therefore i suspect a post war replacement and probably repro,which ever way you look at it ,its been messed with ,which casts doubt on the Luftwaffe adler which appears de - nazified as does the HJ

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    Liner and chinstrap are repro so that in itself gives it a thumbs down - HJ decal is bogus too. Haven't we seen this helmet recently????
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Default Re: M40 evaluation

    Quote by Danmark View Post
    Haven't we seen this helmet recently????
    I think so too..

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