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M40 helmet?

Article about: Just waiting to see if he will send clearer pics.

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    Default M40 helmet?

    Sold as a M40 ET66 with lot #2336. Do the vents look more like a M35 or is it just the pics? Does it look OK?M40 helmet?M40 helmet?M40 helmet?M40 helmet?M40 helmet?M40 helmet?M40 helmet?

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    It does look like an M35, but maybe that could be the shadows.

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    Hi Al , I cannot say for sure from these pictures whether it is M35 or M40. What I will say is that I suspect it is an M35 that has had a 1940 factory/depot re-fit as it has a later liner , and the "shadow" of Tri-colour showing through on the left side. That said , these pictures do give me concerns as to whether the paint work is even period!! Something just looks a bit off and contrived but maybe that's just the lighting. Leon.
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    To me also looks like a M35

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    Hard to tell from the poor photos as to which model it is, also i have to agree with Leon as to me the paint looks recent!..
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    Looks to be an M35 but be careful as the paint is still wet I think!

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    I agree with Leon and Gunny, not a real believer in the paint being period, and it does look like an M35 from what we can see.
    The poor pics and lighting don't help, the only thing to say for sure is the liner, IF original, would be either a factory or depot refitted one.
    Much better photos are need to clarify these points.


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    Can't find that lot number (that doesn't mean much) but if it is a M35 it is a very early one, and as mentioned the paint does look off?

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    I'm agree with you guys, for me looks like an M35 and the paint is not from the period, anyway better/closer photos would help.

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    I beleive the serified font on the ET stamp makes it an early M35, I'm not convinced with the paint either.


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