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M40 Luftwaffe

Article about: So I saw this on and im thinking its in great condition and its a great helmet. Its 595, what do you think?

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    I don't know helmets, but I've been haggling for a long time! I'd offer $495 at most for the first offer, and he will probably counteroffer $550 or thereabout. You can probably get it for between $525 and $550. He might even take your first offer, so it's best to offer a bit less than what you are actually willing to pay. This goes for anything. Whenever it's acceptable to do so, you should offer less. If you buy a lot, the money you save will really add up.

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    I like it but as said, the absence of the Swazi is unfortunate I still wouldn't kick her out of bed!

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    A no swastika policy? That's a pity. As for the helmet, Dave is a good guy. I have haggled with him on a few helmets. He will tell you if he has to stand firm on a price. Keep in mind some of his helmets are on consignment so that can severly limit his room to haggle. Also, if you pay with a credit card he charges the processing fee which, depending on sale price, can be rather significant. Good luck with the purchase.

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    Thanks well im gona talk to my dad about it tonight. God help me. Hes always like well it kinda symbolizes the regime. Ugh, hes a broken record. Man its annoying. Im geussing it will go well as last time I told him to be preparred if something catches my eye.

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    That's a shame he is so short sighted, but it's to be expected in this hobby.

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    Parents can be difficult sometimes. The other side of the argument is that by not keeping these sort of items in the light, slowly but surely people will forget what happened all together.

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    With all due respect, if you don't like his rules you can always move out!!!!! Honor your fathers wishes even if you don't agree with him. It is a good helmet good luck with the deal I hope you get it. Marty
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    I agree with my fathers ideas fully. I will never collect any SS items do to the things that the Waffen-SS did. When I move out I will have my own rules but ill keep to my fathers main idea. Check that, I dont at all agree with him.
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    Well guys I would have to say this has made my day probably the worst of the my collecting time. Well I went to my dad and talked, and he gave me his usual bs about how I dont know who im buying from and that since hes only selling german helmets he could be a nazi. Also he compares to me buyign a denazified helmet to buying a KKK cape w/ the insig removed. He said hes uneasy about how that person died and how it was acquired. Overall hes hinting at not to collect anymore. My mom on the contrast is telling me to save my money for something that I really reallly want. I agrre with my mom but I am extremely upset with my dad. Well I guess the only ones left on my sides are my grand parents. Im in a terrible position.

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    While I certainly feel your pain, parents have agendas based on their own life experiences, including their upbringing and I am glad that you respect your father's values.

    His thoughts could well change in time.

    When I was growing up, my father was fine in the main with German gumpf, including such things like the World at War - until it got to the Japanese side of things. He usually got up and walked from the room - normally it was safe to assume not to approach him for at least an hour or so if this occurred - though to his credit, he never insisted in making me turn it off - which to be honest in reflection - and only now am I thinking about it - was probably a great act of self control.

    Then again, he also walked out in disgust at The Goodies, Monty Python and Aunty Jack - theme song here: The Aunty Jack Show - Theme Song - YouTube. Obviously no taste in the finer points of comedy.....

    However, little by little things changed as the years went by and the war receded. If he wanted a good TV, radio or any other electrical equipment - he didn't have a lot of choice around this time.

    The final 'straw' was when he became President of his local Rotary Club and we hosted a Japanese student for 6 months. The change at this time was truely profound.

    Don't give up is all I can offer, unfortunately.


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