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M40 Luftwaffe

Article about: So I saw this on and im thinking its in great condition and its a great helmet. Its 595, what do you think?

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    Will...I'll tell you something that you may not like to hear but you should listen nonetheless. IF you want to study and learn and collect WWII and Third Reich history and artifacts, then you had better be prepared for such reactions for the Rest of your Life. I think just about all of us who have ever gotten seriously into studying and collecting in this area have experienced negative reactions from those of us around us-both strangers and non-strangers. No matter how scholarly and patriotic a person tries to show themselves as, there Will always be whispered and some Not so whispered comments of "Nazi" this and "Nazi" that being directed at you.

    To put it plainly, it is Not a Politically Correct subject and hobby for many even today and to have others understand your interests and fascinations with the historical era can be extremely difficult-if not impossible in many cases. If you choose to continue to delve into the studies of the era and to collect artifacts, it Will change your Life. And not always for the Better. If you are prepared for this, then power to you and good luck to you with your future. But there will Always be those who will make the comments and not understand. Some people's lives have been ruined by this and Some have finally gotten past it and have attained collections that can and do rival those of large museums. It is a Long process and never Entirely goes away, though. It just may be, in your case, that considering the flak that you're Already running into, you may want to put it on a shelf for a few more years and wait until you are out of school and able to freely do as you desire. You are young and have your whole Life ahead of you. If you get a stigmata on you Now of "Nazi Lover"(and yes, I know it isn't True) it will make your young life miserable and it will hang on you for Many years to come. You have some Extremely Important decisions to work on and figure out.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yeah, I think imma hold off collecting for a few years. I really agree with your opinions wagriff. It's a very hard time collecting at 13. You know, I feel that history will repeat itself if people don't remember these things. The one thing that worries me the most is having a wife/gf when I get older. What will they think of my war stuff? All of this is so confusing. To make things more complicated, I'm joining the military when I'm older and my dad is fine but my mother isn't.

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    My parents were the same when I just started collecting, and I got a couple awards. They thought the prices were crazy and I was going through a faze. They are more open about my collecting now they know I'm serious, why I collect and they have seen themselves the prices the items reach which funny enough was what they mainly cared about.

    They've gone from calling me a nazi and my collection evil to letting me go to another continent to go to a military show. Give it some time mate. Pat

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    Keep your spirits up will,I had no chance in the late 70's of buying when feelings back then when feelings run so much deeper than now,if i picked up a TR item my Dad would give me that look,all the best with whatever you decide...........1000th post yeh.

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    Quote by WillC View Post
    Well guys I would have to say this has made my day probably the worst of the my collecting time. Well I went to my dad and talked, and he gave me his usual bs about how I dont know who im buying from and that since hes only selling german helmets he could be a nazi. Also he compares to me buyign a denazified helmet to buying a KKK cape w/ the insig removed. He said hes uneasy about how that person died and how it was acquired. Overall hes hinting at not to collect anymore. My mom on the contrast is telling me to save my money for something that I really reallly want. I agrre with my mom but I am extremely upset with my dad. Well I guess the only ones left on my sides are my grand parents. Im in a terrible position.
    Hello there, I think I could be of some assistance to you. I am a young collector of Third Reich artifacts, even those of the SS. I am also Jewish. Besides the fact I loss several family members in camps, nine in which I know of, the rest of my family was heavily impacted by the war; not unlike most. Funny enough, my being Jewish is probably the only reason nobody calls me a "nazi" behind my back. I collect soley to preserve the history of what happened to my family and all the others alike. IMO artifacts are the best teaching tools; they're what I connected to as a child. This is why such things must be kept.
    If you are truly interested in collecting and it's for only historical reasons I'd be more than happy to speak with your parents and explain to them my family history, the items I own, and the work I've done for the Houston Holocaust Museum as a result of possessing them.
    I can also guarantee your father that the online sellers, as well 99% of collectors are not neo-nazis. Neo-nazis can't afford the prices of these artifacts and usually don't even study the history as most are uneducated idiots, therefore they probably only buy reproductions and fantasy items.
    Question, do your parents ever watch Pawn Stars or the Antique Road show? The expert for militaria items on Pawn Stars is a well-known online dealer, though I suggest you stay away from him, and the same goes for Antique Road Show, one of there experts is a online dealer who is very trustworthy, respectable and educated: A true gentleman and scholar.
    Though I must say always respect your parents no matter what I find it a shame your spending your time as a 13 year old becoming interested in collecting historical artifacts instead of drugs like many kids your age and yet they're banning you from doing so. What more do they want?
    Anyways, let me know if there's anyway I can do to help and I will gladly do so. Good luck with your collecting.

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