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M40 Q68 Police DD Helmet - A good first purchase?

Article about: Hi, I am upping my collection from medals to helmets. This is my first helmet so I know very little. I've researched these two decal patterns and they appear to be both early patterned Polic

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    Since we're on reference books now, Ned if you had to pick a first foray into the badge books, what is your favorite go to book?

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    Quote by avenger View Post
    Since we're on reference books now, Ned if you had to pick a first foray into the badge books, what is your favorite go to book?
    Hi Scott,

    Not wanting to get off topic here, but it would be PdB's 'German Panzer Assault Badge of WWII'. When it saves you from buying one duffer it's paid for itself. The DK book by Maerz is very good too if that's the bag you're into.

    I know very little about helmets, but am not too bad at spotting a good one and really enjoy reading the posts from Todd, Jim, Doug et al who know all the little nuances about them, that really interests me.

    Regards, Ned.
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    [QUOTE=Glenn66;1431766]If helmets are your thing you should look into this reference source, considered by many as essential reading in the area of German helmets.


    I purchased this book but it won't get here for a week and a bit. I have a question about it though.

    Will this book give me any ideas about batch numbers from different helmet makers? More specifically, is the batch associated with an approximate date of birth?

    I want to try to figure out when a potential purchase (M42 SD Police helmet: M1940 Luftwaffe SD and a M1942 SD Police) was made and see if it falls in the era after August 1943 when factory applied decals ceased. I've read that around this time police helmets could have only received one decal (due to supply issues) or were applied in the field by Police units when available.

    Thanks for any info. Tyler.

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    Been reading this thread from the beginning...a good one IMHO with feed back from guys that really know their lids. Great to see you turning pink as well...a cheap form of insurance.

    Kens book is a must have (along with a few others) and also a great read (at least to me). He has a small section on Lot / Batch codes in the back but as Todd (I think) noted, one of the best references containing I think over 2k helmets is housed over at German Helmets Walhalla forum. That said, this is not a science and more an art, but does get you closer.


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