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M40 square dip ,cant be?

Article about: I still hope you see it and give an opinion.trying to resist giving my opinion but iv always saluted the russian people,and soldiers for breaking the back of the germans as it where,lv

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    Default M40 square dip ,cant be?

    Guys there is a new ww2 mag on the shelves called ww2 quarterly!.On the cover it has a pic of a german soldier with in my opinion is an odd shaped m40 .The dip down looks very squared off.Its a colour photo, and iv seen it before, and thought the same.If you see the mag i would be interested in your opinion on the shape of it,LV

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    Circuit advertisement M40 square dip ,cant be?
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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    Any chance of scanning the picture so the people who dont have this magazine can take a look?



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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    This is the cover of the first issue, these germans look very american to me
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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    That cant be what Las Vegas is refferring to, those are obviously American soldiers with M1 helmets



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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    Yes guys definatley not that one .I thought this mag was tottaly new.I would suggest its the latest edition of it to hit the shelves.I saw it in wh smith this morning.Sorry i dont have the mag as other than the front cover i didnt find it interesting enough to buy,not enough further german helmets ,lv

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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    I once saw a German helmet (Waffen SS) for sale by a reputable dealer that had the sharp dip that LV refers to. I was told that it was a 1936? pattern transitional helmet. I recall that it was extremely expensive.

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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    Yes in a helmet site they have a section on odd ww2 german helmets.They have a great pic of an m40 well used with the tiniest dip down, and they have no doubt this is a ww2 german helmet used in the field.Im sure they where always exsperimenting with modifications to the m35/40, and produced some then the designs where rejected, and somehow the exsperimental ones got into use.A bit like the sqaure dip m16 which apparently kept carcking at the dip down, and they changed it?lv

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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    I have not seen the magazine but I checked out this website which I assume is the website of the magazine. I was a bit shocked and more than a bit offended by the opening words on the site... " It took 6 years to fight...And 300,000 American lives to win"
    have a look here
    WWII History Magazine

    Ahem.. what.. The Russians had nothing to do with any of it then, or the French, British etc..

    Someone tell me, is this magazine as full of trash as the website.

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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    This could open up a can of worms on who did what in the last war - and indeed the first war as well. it may be better to leave the subject alone rather than cause offence. There has already been a bit of upset in the 'Daily Mail' over the past few days over a letter from an American reader who claimed the British did nothing to help the fight against the Japanese. Such remarks only serve to upset the veterans who actually did the fighting.
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    Default Re: M40 square dip ,cant be?

    I have not seen the magazine but I checked out this website which I assume is the website of the magazine
    I think this is of the same publisher, but not the magazine LV says.

    This one is WWII History, the one we are looking for is WWII Quarterly.


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