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M40 Strange Camo for opinions

Article about: Hello everybody I have a wonky camo for review I would like to know everybodyís opinions as Iím thinking of buying thanks everybody!

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    As I've already said, I like this one, the colour wear. All look ok to me. Only thing I would not be happy about is the price. But if you like it enough to wish to pay the asking price then that is personal to each and every one of us. Ultimately as a buyer you need to have it in hand to make a decision and with the assurance of being able to return it for a refund if you are not totally happy.

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    Hey guys I wanted to post this picture for both to contribute to the thread and for a laugh as I find the picture funny. But anyways I know people shy away from the helmet because of the wonky pattern but I just had a theory to put out there which Iím sure other people already think of but anyway like the picture below what if the tank crew or vehicle crew that had a similar pattern to this was field applying camouflage to their vehicle and the soldier who wore this helmet saw it and asked them to put camouflage on his helmet while they where doing the vehicle because to me a lot of vehicle camo patterns seem awfully similar to this helmet. But just a theory as I said.
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    Nothing surprises me with camouflage paint on helmets... soldiers often did 'their own thing' when it came to applying patterns. The problem is proving when it was done, and something painted 20 or 30 years ago can look very much older if it has spent much of it's time in an outhouse or garden shed.
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    That is very true and I agree. But there has to be certain red flags that say no right? Or any and every camo could be fake.

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    I would not dismiss this outright, it has much potential. Not saying I'd go deep price wise either though.

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    I agree I do not think it adds any value but maybe just will ease peoples minds when it comes to these types of camos.

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    Quote by Giants77 View Post
    That is very true and I agree. But there has to be certain red flags that say no right? Or any and every camo could be fake.
    I think this sums it up very well. As quite a few people have stated - there are no real red flags here, and we know that there were unusual camo patterns as seen in period photos. But on the other hand you have to be really sure when shelling out this amount of money.
    This is why a lot of people just don't collect camo helmets.
    With this example - i guess i would be concerned that i would never know if it was period or done 20 or 30 years ago.


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    Late to the party.
    Just saying that i like this camo as well. I am with Frank about wear, patina etc...

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