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M42- Camo.

Article about: by RH1941 Harry I dont get it . Its a forum I thought you could show what ever you wanted on a forum. Or did I miss the section where you must meet some pompous standards to post your helmet

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    Hey Harry, Dont forget the viking horns, or a plume holder
    I've repainted some postwar messed with lids and put liners in lids without them and oiled a liner with wd40, I'm a biker and it worked, the leather was dry, powdery and falling apart, worked a treat and the odour evaporated after a while. If this makes me a faker or whatever. I recently bought a couple of luft piths and replaced one badge missing on one of them and both missing badges on the other, so to some I have lessened their historical value perhaps? They look better with the badges though, IMO.

    Interesting thread


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    Ok. HereŽs my position. An origional helm I beleive should not be touched no matter what the condition is because they are all worth something more important to me. I dont care if it only fetches 2 euros on ebay. If it has no other worth to you other than money than maybe your collecting for the wrong reasons. I know alot of people here who find rusty old lids in the woods and modify them which I think is wrong but still is worth something to me. In the future if someone had my helmet and decided to paint it well IŽll be damned if someone says its not worth anything or historical anymore because I took it to war and I know a few Soldiers who were shot in the head and were saved by their lid! Lee

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    Hi Lee,
    I agree with your sentiments, everything has indeed a worth. I don't look at my collection and think of value - I think of those who may have worn them into combat and relied on them to save their life. I don't believe in painting pitted dug-up relic lids, you only end up making them look worst. I only have one true relic lid - which I have owned for many years. In monetary terms it's value wouldn't get me a pint of beer. But in sentimental value it is priceless.


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