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M42 camo

Article about: Hello, what dou you think abouth this helmet.... thanks to all for comments

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    Default M42 camo

    Hello, what dou you think abouth this helmet.... thanks to all for comments

    M42 camoM42 camoM42 camoM42 camoM42 camo

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    Circuit advertisement M42 camo
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    Not too keen on the camo, the tan/dark yellow looks like it was sprayed with an aerosol!....
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    Only my opinion but not one I would waste any time on myself.


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    Postwar applied.

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    calling all reenactors!!!!
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    Hi Bergman, I am afraid that the gents are spot on in my opinion. This is an original helmet that has been ruined with a modern cammo paint job. The way the paint "lays" on the surface looks all wrong to the eye and there are many artificial tooling marks to it's surface. As Dan says, great for a re-enactor but not for a collector. Leon.
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    Bogus paint and wear.
    The fellas are spot on with their analysis IMO.


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    I have no doubt abouth the originality of the helmet, but very suspicious concerning the paint. Someone sadly took quite a time to ruined that helmet...
    Thank to all for comments...

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