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M42 camo for opinions

Article about: all the pics i have so far. than you Annoyed from this ads?  

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    No way my friend, a completely "pimped up" M42. There is nothing left worth having with this one. Leon.
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    Circuit advertisement M42 camo for opinions
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    here is a question about the old collectors... How are we supposed to know the differences between fake and good camo and fake and good decals? The most answers on that topic are 'inspect a lot of them in hand and you will know' but what happens if we can't afford to have such items in hand? Personaly the only way to study these differences is from photos and threads but i haven't seen a thread that compares both fake and good decals together!
    I mean i would like photos of the good and the fake decal side by side and where and what to look for so i could see and understand the differences and gain the knowledge! To be honest i've seen one post about recognising Souval's EKs. The owner of the thread had an original and a couple of fakes together and he was pinpointing the differences and the details of both with arrows etc... That was a perfect thread and gave me a very pleasurable studying!
    Why don't you guys with the knowledge on stuff like this post more guiding threads instead of saying 'fake' or 'good' ?

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    You don't HAVE to inspect "in hand" to develop a sense of what's wrong or right at all. Most fakes are easily recognizable, you just have to study threads, pour over the photos and arguments put forth by knowledgeable collectors... There's a LOT of threads doing that here and with the sheer volume of "fake or real" threads you can hardly blame anyone for not dissecting their arguments and reasoning on each and every helmet thread...

    Some other topics, where info is not as freely available, are exceptions to this but the helmet collecting area is vast and info is really readily available as long as you're willing to put in the effort. There's no "magic" involved... study and time put in pays off here just as in any other area of collecting. If not, I guess... prepare to get burned.

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    With all the respect i've never seen a 'why is it fake' thread... All i read is 'ooh this is the round bottom fake decal' and i'm staring at the decal like a donkey stares the train and trying to find what does 'round bottom' means! And i have to say that i read the threads of the helmets because i love decals on them! I blame noone as i respect everyone for their knowledge and effort in helping me and others on their items to buy but i would love to be able to comment on the authenticity of a helmet's decal and camo by my own and not waiting for others to comment! This is said because it's better to own the knowledge than being helped forever! And by doing so i will be able to help others in the future as a young collector!
    As long as this perfect forum stands i will not get burned because of the magnificent people here always willing to help the youngers!!

    with all the respect,

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    Quote by LizardKing View Post
    This is said because it's better to own the knowledge than being helped forever!
    Well... that's exactly my point If you can't find threads anywhere online giving info on decals etc. I can't really help you. I find that to be quite surprising, to be honest. Surely, you can locate an image of a fake decal and a good one, create a montage and study them side by side yourself? No? No disrespect but that should be fairly easy. There's plenty of sticky threads on here with good and, I'm sure, bad decals...

    But, we all have to start somewhere, getting our feet wet... so to speak... so, getting a "hands on" with a forum approved helmet might actually be the best way for you. Authentic helmets are out there in vast numbers, as I'm sure you must know. You just have to take the plunge at some point.

    I would also say that an assessment of authenticity can be somewhat "abstract" at times so putting it into words can be challenging--- especially when it comes to evaluating camo paint. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is a gradual learning process, a never ending one it seems --- not a "quick fix" in the way of "here are the facts, now you know" kind of thing. It's an amalgamated process.

    You have to utilize and learn to trust your own critical faculties --- otherwise you'll inevitably end up "being helped forever".

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    Michael, usually a good way to spot a fake camo is to look at the overspray along the edges of the sprayed on paint, if you notice a fine misting of the colour on the base coat it is a good indication of a dud.
    Remember the paint jobs were field done and the only spray equipment available was for spraying vehicles, these spray guns would more of a dotted splatter on the base coat. A lot of field done camos were also often hand painted (brushes) and even applied with rags which left a hard "edge" to the colours!..
    As for the decals you must get the "eye" for your self!...
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    I also find it interesting, but difficult working out what's what.
    I look at the pictures of a fellow members helmet (that sounds all wrong!)
    Then before reading the answers regarding originality have a go myself, with limited success.
    But I am getting my head around it little by little.
    One thing is for sure no matter how confident I personally may feel in the future I would never dream of making a purchase without asking here first.
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    I feel that the challenge of developing the skill of being able to properly evaluate/authenticate period items is rewarding in itself. The process of getting to that certain point, feeling you've actually learned something with substance, on your own, is rewarding to me.
    I don't see the point in learning things by the push of a single button as I don't think you're really "learning" anything that way, you're just memorizing cold facts and thereby overlooking the subtleties that are present in every facet of not only collecting but also in real life. I like building knowledge brick by brick, I guess you could say and any kind of structure is essentially worthless and weak without a solid foundation.

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    bad one.

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    Many of my helmets are coming from farms in France, i never paid them, now, when I see friends who want to buy one helmet, it's a kind of science, too hard for me !
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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